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"Rrush'hok ichnar vinim'hok."
Wermo (wer moh) n. 1. A stupid person, an idiot. 2. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed. 3. Worm. 4. slang Boy.
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                               Greetings citizen!  Welcome to the Vuuzhan Vong page!  Here you will find:

- An introduction and history of Yuuzhan Vong
                                                     - A dictionary of Yuuzhan Vong terms
                                                     - A Lessons section
                                                     - Transcriptions of all Yuuzhan Vong dialogue known to humankind
                                                     - Alphabet and font gallery
                                                     - Related links
                                                     - Source section

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Intergalactic Grunts,
                                    Yuuzhan Vong 101:

An Introduction
Yuuzhan Vong appears in the
New Jedi Order books.  There has been controversy over whether the Yuuzhan Vong are canon or not as some fans believe them not to be part of George Lucas's vision of Star Wars (10).   The name "Yuuzhan Vong" was developed at a French-Thai resturant in New York City called Vong where several Del Rey employees were eating. The Yunan region was mentioned in a list of teas on the menu that Shelly Shapiro was reading and the first draft of the name that would eventually be given to the intergalactic invaders was born of "Yunan Vong" (11).
According to Wookieepedia, Yuuzhan Vong means "Children of Yun-Yuuzhan" and is "sometimes incorrectly abbreviated to Vong, which implied that one was disowned by one's family and one's gods" (10).

The following was graciously provided to
The Complete Wermo's Guide by William:

     Yuuzhan Vong is the language spoken by the race of aliens called Yuuzhan Vong, who are excessivley violent and use Bioengineering for everything imaginable; from their spacecraft to their clothes, EVERYTHING is alive.  They are so enveloped in this type of culture that they act in pure revulsion and hatred when come in contact with any kind of machinery, but most of all when they encounter droids because 'they attempt to immitate living creatures'.  So since almost every sentient species in the galaxy is wholly dependant on machines they are referred to by the Yuuzhan Vong as 'infidels' and it is thier religious belief that they have to purge the galaxy of the infedels.  The Yuuzhan Vong come littarally from outside the galaxy and have been traveling centuries to get there, believing that their gods sent them.  It is in my opinion that their being from outside the galaxy is why they seem to also be completely outside the touch of the Force.  The Yuuzhan Vong population is split up into castes: Warriors, Priests, Shapers (who design all of thier bioengineered devices), workers, and Shamed Ones (who are the lowliest caste and according to the Yuuzhan Vong are not worth even mentioning by a higher caste member).
     Every part of their culture is centered around pain, so much actually that they purposly inflict incredible pain upon themselves, horribly mutilating thier bodies in the process, most of which come to enjoy pain as a satisfying experience. Those whose bodies don't respond well to all the self-inflicted injuries and become infected easily become Shamed ones. The highest ranking ones allways have the worst disfigurement. This pain philosophy also reflects on their language as well, as demonstrated from this excerpt from New Jedi Order Force Heretic 3 Reunion:
     "Tahiri gave him the message, the last piece of the puzzle. It was shorter than Jag had expected, and utterly incomprehensible. The subtleties of the Yuuzhan Vong language, which sounded to his ears like nothing more than a series of gutteral grunts and painful throat clearings, eluded him completely."

The Yuuzhan Vong prononce Jedi like this: Jeedai.  (1)  Also there language appears to sound like guttural grunts.

Yuuzhan Vong-Basic Dictionary:

                       The dictionary entries unless otherwise noted were graciously provided by William.

Dwi (dwy)  1. Yes.  2. Affirmative.  (7)
Guvvuk (guh vuk) v.  1. Move along.  (7)
Hur (her) n.  1. Contemplation.  (7)
Hrosha-Gul (hroe sha gull) n.  1. Price of pain.
Ooglith (oo glith) n.  1.Something that conceals them from their enemies' eyes.  (5)
Us hrok (ooss Hrok) n.  1. Life debt. (11)
Villip (vill lip) n.  1.  Primary communication device of the Yuuzhan Vong.  Works at any distance.  Round creature that recieves the likeness of the user and shows the likeness of whoever is on the other end imitating voice as well.  Transmits using gravitic signals.
Yadag dakl, ignot! (yah dahg dah kul igg not)  1.One of the most venomous curses used by the Yuuzhan Vong. (7)
Yargh'un (yahr goon) n.  1.  Toothy rodent as long as a leg.  Heretics are dishonorably executed by being tossed into yargh'un pits.
Yun-Harla (yunn Har lah) n.  1. Goddess of deception.
Yun-Ne'shel (yunn neh shell) n.  1. Goddess of shaping.
Yun-Shuno (yunn shoo noh) n.  1. Goddess that can offer redemption to shamed ones.
Yun-Txiin (yunn zhinn) n.  1. God of love..
Yun-Q'aah (yunn kah) n.  1.  God of love.
Yun-Yammka (yunn yahm kah) n.  1. God of war.  2. The Slayer. (5,6)
Yun-Yuuzhan (yunn yoo zhahn) n.  1 Head god.  2. The Creator.  (12)
Yuuzhan'tar (yoo zhan tar)  1. Yuuzhan Vong homeworld, meaning 'Creche of the Gods'.  (11)

             Basic-Yuuzhan Vong Dictionary:

Affirmative (uh ferm uh tiv)  1. Dwi.  (7)
Concealing device (con seel ing dee vice) n.  1. Ooglith.
Contemplation (con tem play shun) n.  1. Hur.  (7)
Creche of the Gods (kresh uv thuh gahdz) n.  1. Yuuzhan'tar.  (11)
Goddess of deception (god dess uv dee sep shun) n.  1. Yun-Harla
Goddess of shaping (god dess uv shape ing) n.  1. Yun-Ne'shel.
God of love (god uv luv) n.  1. Yun-Txiin.  2.  Yun-Q'aah.
God of war (god uv wahr) n.  1. Yun-Yammka.
Head God (hedd god) n.  1. Yun-Yuuzhan.
Life Debt (lyf dett) n.  1. Us hrok.  (11)
Move Along (moov uh lawng) v.  1. Guvvuk.  (7)
Price of pain (pryce uv pane) n.  1. Hrosha-Gul.
Toothy rodent (tooth ee roe dent) n.  1. Yargh'un.
Transmitter (tranz mitt ur) n.  1. Villip.
Yes (yess)  1. Dwi.  (7)

                                                                                 none at this time


Star Wars, New Jedi Order series
The following quotes unless otherwise noted were graciously provided by William, John, and Steve.

"Grishna br'rok ukul-hai hrrl osam'ga akren hu akri vushta.  (n/a) (1)
"Ash'nagh Vruckuul urukh esh tiiri ahnakh! "  (n/a) (1)

"Tsii dau poonsi."  (The mouth, cause to close.) (1)
"Do-ro'ik vong pratte!"  (possibly a Yuuzhan Vong battle cry) (1)

"Krel os'a. Hmi va ta!"  (n/a) (1)

"Hu-carjen tok!"  (possibly "ow that hurts!") (1)
"Rrush'hok ichnar vinim'hok."  (Die well brave warrior.) (1)

Vo Lian:
"Belek tiu."  (means or was said right before "It will be done commander" the book never made that clear.) (1)

Vua Rapuung:
"Qe'u!"  (possibly "hey!") (1)

Qurang Lah:
"Belek tiu."  (a sign of respect) (1)

Tsavong Lah:
"Hurr."  (something he said while considering a decision) (1)

Tjulan Kwaad:
"Phahg."  (possibly a Yuuzhan Vung curse word) (1)

Nom Anor:
"Bruk tukken nom canbin-tu."  (Weaken the hinges of the enemy's fort.)  (5)

Tu Shoolb:
"Belek Tiu"  (The other said, snapping his fists against opposite shoulders, the reply and signal for both apology and permission to continue)  (5,6)

Ai' tanna Shimrra khotte Yun'o  (long life to Shimrra, beloved of the gods) (8)

Alphabet and Font Gallery:
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