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                            Goopa! (Hello!)  Welcome to the Ewokese page!  Here you will find:

- An introduction and history of Ewokese
                                                  - A dictionary of Ewokese terms
                                                  - A Lessons section
                                                  - A Number Chart
                                                  - Transcriptions of all Ewokese dialogue known to humankind
                                                  - Alphabet and font gallery
                                                  - Related links
                                                  - Source section

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Spirit Speak
                                   Ewokese 101:

An Introduction
We first learn about the Ewok species in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.  They are also featured in a television movie, The Ewok Adventure, and a 26 episode cartoon series called Ewoks.  Their language was developed by Ben Burtt.   Ben Burtt talks about that process in his Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide.  Ewokese is based on Tibetan, Kalmuck, and a small amount of North American Lakota. 
     Ben Burtt says in Bantha Tarcks #17 August 1982:
"For the Ewoks, I was inspired by a recording on a BBC documentary of an elderly woman speaking Tibetan. It was very high-pitched and sounded like a good basis for Ewokese to me. Eventually then, what evolved was a pidgin, or double talk version of words from Tibetan, Nepali and other Mongolian languages. Huttese was created by the same process."  (7)
     For more information, read Ben Burtt's book.
The Ewoks live on a moon that revolves around the planet, Endor.  The moon however, is often referred to as Endor itself and sometimes the Sanctuary Moon.  The Endor moon is covered with forests and many forest dwelling species, one of which is the Ewoks.  There are different tribes of Ewoks.  The one with which we are familiar with live in dwellings built into the tree-tops.  They are a very superstitious species and have strong religious beliefs that center around the trees of their homeworld.  Although they are sentient, their civilization has not progressed past the use of spears.. "The Ewok language is liquid and expressive, and most humans and other aliens can learn to speak it.  Ewoks, conversely, can learn Basic, though they often mix in many words from their own language."(1)  Not much is known about Ewokese, or Ewok.  It is one of the six million forms of communication known by C-3PO who refers to the Ewoks he encounters as using a "very primitive dialect."(2)  Because there are different tribes, there are also different dialects of the language.  Perhaps with more interaction with the New Republic in the aftermath of the Ewoks' help to the Rebellion in destroying the Second Death Star, more can be learned about these brave and loyal beings.
We must assume that Basic has already infiltrated the Ewok language when we see variations of Basic words such as sun, polar, and ruins compared to their Ewok equivalents: sunee, pola, and rueenee.  It is also possible that Huttese may have  influenced Ewokese as there is the Huttese word Dobra which translates as "I am" and the Ewok word Dobra which means "Elders."  Perhaps it is merely a lingual coincidence.

  Ewok - Basic Dictionary:

Unless otherwise stated, these terms are from Ben Burtt's book.

Aargutcha (ar gooch ah) v.  1. Pull.
Acha (ah chah)  1. Okay.  2. All right.
Ah-ah (ah ah) n.  1. Water.
Akeeata (ah kee ah tah) v.  1. Hear.
Allayloo (ah lay loo) v.  1. Celebrate.
Ando (an doh) adj.  1. Forward.
Arandee (ar ahn dee) v.  1. Listen.
Azar (ay zar) n.  1. Magic.
Bingee (bin jee) v.  1. Guide.
Bi toto (bee toh toh) n.  1. Direction.
Bok chuu-ock (bahk choo ahk) adj.  1. Far away.
Cha (chah)  1. Them.
Chak (chahk)  1. Yes.
Che (chee) adj.  1. Free as in liberty..
Chesl (chess uhl) v.  1. Bring.  2. Fetch.
Chiotto (chee oh toh)  1. May I have..?.
Chiutatal (chy oo tah tail) n.  1. Moon.
Choo doo (choo doo) adj.  1. Enough.
Chuck (chuk) adj.  1. Much.
Churi (chor ee) n.  1. Mountain.
Chyasee (chy ah see) v.  1. Help.
Coatee-cha (kote tee chah) v.  1. Celebrate.
Coro (kor oh)  1. Can you...?.
Cupee (cupp ee) n.  1. Cap as in ice cap on a mountain.
Danthee (dan thay)  1. Maybe.
Danvay (dan vay)  1. Be careful.
Dee fratta (dee frah tah)  1. That's.  2. That is.
Deej (deej) n.  1. Father.
Den (den)  1. No.
De oppra (dee opp rah) adj.  1. Upper.  2. Top.
Drik (drik) adj.  1. Happy.
Drin (drin) adj.  1. Sick.
Dutak (doo tok) n.  1. Arrow.
Ee chee wa maa! (ee chee wah mah)  1. Wow.  2. Gee whiz!
Ee choya! (ee choy ah) interj. 1. Hey.
Eedada (ee dah dah) adj.  !. Over.
Eekeekeek (eek eek eek) n. 1. Forest.
Eekeetuhkuh (ee kee tuh kuh) n.  1. Axe.
Eetee (ee tee) adj.  1. Long.
Eleeo (ee lee oh) adj.  1. Never.
Eleeoth (ee lee awth) adj.  1. Far.
Ehda (ay dah) adj.  1. Evil.  2. Bad.
Ehshtee (esh tee) v.  1. Give.
Ekla (ek lah) adj.  1. Big.
Enenah (en en ah)  1. Where.
Entzahee roda (ents zah hee roh dah) v.  1. Cook.
E s'eesht (ee seesht) v.  1. Kill.
Etke (ett keh) adj.  1. More.
Feef (feef) n.  1. Plant.
Fektur (fek tur) n.  1. Medicine.
Freet (freet) n.  1. Sister.
Fruk (fruk) n.  1. Brother.
Fulu (foo loo) n.  1. Circle.
Geetch (geech) v.  1. Push.
Gleeg (gleeg) n.  1. Drink.
Glek (glek) adj.  1. Sad.
Gooka (goo kah) n.  1. Shelter.
Goopa (goo pah)  1. Hi.
Goot (goot) adj.  1. Good.
Graks (graks) n.  1. Monster.
Grek (grek) n.  1. Hands.
Grenchicit (gren chik it)  1. Hold on.
Gyeesh (gyeesh)  1. Please.
Heth (heth) n.  1. Pond.
Hutar (hoo tar) n.  1. Danger.
Hveetin (he veet in) n.  1. Glider.
Jad (jad) adj.  1. Down.
Jadgreh (jad greh) n.  1. Foot.
Jarat (jah raht) n.  1. Branch.
Jeejee (jee jee) n.  1. Face.
Jeerota (jee roe tah) n.  1. Friend.
Kash (kahsh)  1. How.
Kla (klah)  1. From.
Kna Naa (kuh nah nah) n.  1. Spirit tree.
Kra (krah) adj.  1. Ready.
Kreeth (kreeth) n.  1. Cave.
Kush (koosh)  1. Who.
Luka yit (loo kah yitt) n.  1. Pixie.
Lulalar (loo lah lahr) v.  1. Sing.
Lungee (lunj ee) adj.  1. Lost.
Lurd (lerd) adj.  1. Dumb.  2. Silly
Luu (loo) adj.  1. Beautiful.
Luufi (loo fee) n. 1. Flower.
Manna manna (man ah man ah)  n.  1. Food.
Meechoo (mee choo)  1. I.
Mookiee (moo kee) n.  1. Female baby Ewok.  2. Wokling. (1)
Na-chin (nah chin) n.  1. Tribe.
Na goo (nah goo) v.  1. Stop.
Neetuhl (nee tul) adj.  1. Early.
Ni gata (nee gah tah)  1. Where is..?.
Noroway (nohr oh way)  1. Which.
Nuv (nuhv) n.  1. Love.
Oh (oh) adj.  1. Too.
Ooba (oo bah) n.  1. Rain.
Oodeed (oo deef) adj.  1. Sweet.
Ota (oh tah)  1. To.
Paamuk (pah mook) n.  1. Power.
Pibooka (pih boo kah) n.  1. Clearing.
Pola (poh lah) adj.  1. Polar.
Powa (pow wah) n.  1. Power.
Reh rehluu (reh reh loo) v.  1. Dance.
Reshee (resh ee) n.  1. Map.
Roda (roh dah) v.  1. To eat.
Rueenee (roo ee nee) n.  1. Ruins.
Ruha (roo hah) v.  1. Hit.
Seefo (see foh) v.  1. Hurt.
Sheeu (shee oo) n.  1. Name.
Shetai (sheh tie) n.  1. Warrior.
Shodu (sho doo) n.  1. Mother.
Sirut (seer oot) n.  1. Door.
Siz (sihz) n.  1. Fire.
Sku (skoo)  1. Hello.
Sleesh (sleesh) n.  1. Berry.
Sta (stah).  1. Now.
Stoja (sto jah) n.  1. Station.
Sunee (suh nee) n.  1. Sun.
Sut (sutt) adj.  1. Soon.
Ta (tah) def. art.  1. The.
Tal (tale) n.  1. Sun.
Teeha (tee hah) v.  1. Thank you.
Teeket (tee kett) n.  1. Heart.
Thees (theess) adj.  1. Good.
Theesa (thee sah) n.  1. Baby.  2. Child.
Thek (theck) adj.  1. Here.
T'hesh (tuh hesh) adj.  1. Quiet.
Thuk (thuck) n.  1. Rock.
Treek (treek) v.  1. Go.
Treekthin (treek thin) n.  1. Journey.
Treeta Dobra (tree tah Doh brah) n.  1. Council of Elders.
Tu (too) def. art.  1. The.
Tyatee (ty ah tee) v.  1. Come.
Veek (veek) adj.  1. Quick.
Weewa (wee wah) n.  1. House.  2. Home.
X'eef (zheef) n.  1. Ground.
X'iutha (zhoo thah) adj.  1. Important.
Yayath (ya yath) v.  1. Jump.
Yeh (yeh) adj.  1. Old.
Yeha (yee hah)  1. Good-bye.
Yehan (yeh han) n.  1. Peace.
Yesh (yesh) adj.  1. Right.  2. Correct.
Yiyult (yeye yult) n.  1. Cup.
Yit (yitt) n.  1. Thing.
Yub nub (yubb nubb) n.  1. Freedom.
Yubnub (yub nub)  1. Hurray.
Yud ehda (yood ay dah)  1. Alas.
Yuf (yuhf) v.  1. Climb.
Yungyet (yung yett) n.  1. Nut.
Yupyup (yupp yupp)v.  1. Rejoice.
Zeeg (zeeg) adj.  1. In.
Zehg (zayg) adj.  1. Out.

Basic - Ewok Dictionary:

Alas (ah lass)  1. Yud ehda.
Arrow (air row) n.  1. Dutak.
Axe (ax) n.  1. Eekeetuhkuh.
Baby (bay bee) n.  1. Theesa.
Bad (bad) adj.  1. Ehda.
Beautiful (bee a yu tee fool) adj.  1. Luu.
Be careful (bee cair fool)  1. Danvay.
Berry (burr ee) n.  1. Sleesh.
Big (big) adj.  1. Ekla.
Branch (branch) n.  1. Jarat.
Bring (bring) v.  1. Chesl.
Brother (bruh thur) n.  1. Fruk.
Can you...? (kan yu)  1. Coro.
Cave (kayv) n.  1. Kreeth.
Celebrate (sell uh brate) v.  1. Coatee-cha.  2. Allayloo.
Child (chy uld) n.  1. Theesa.
Circle (sur kul) n.  1. Fulu.
Clearing (kleer ing) n.  1. Pibooka.
Climb (klym) v.  1. Yuf.
Come (kuhm) v.  1. Tyatee.
Cook (kuhk) v.  1. Entzahee roda.
Correct (kor rekt) adj.  1. Yesh.
Council of Elders (cown sul uhv el durz) n.  1. Treeta Dobra.
Cup (cupp) n.  1. Yiyult.
Dance (danss) v.  1. Reh rehluu.
Danger (dain jur) n.  1. Hutar.
Direction (dur rek shun) n.  1. Bi toto.
Door (dor) n.  1. Sirut.
Down (down) adj.  1. Jad.
Drink (drink) n.  1. Gleeg.
Dumb (dumm) adj.  1. Lurd.
Early (url lee) adj.  1. Neetuhl.
Eat (eet) v.  1. Roda.
Enough (ee nuff) adj.  1. Choo doo.
Evil (ee vill) adj.  1. Ehda.
Face (fayss) n.  1. Jeejee.
Far (fahr) adj.  1. Eleeoth.
Far away (fahr ah way)  adj.  1. Bok chuu-ock.
Father (fah thur) n.  1. Deej.
Female baby ewok (fee mail bay bee ee wok) n.  1. Mookiee. (1)
Fetch (fech) v.  1. Chesl.
Fire (fy ur) n.  1. Siz.
Flower (flow ur) n.  1. Luufi.
Food (fude) n.  1. Manna manna.
Foot (fuht) n.  1. Jadgreh.
Forest (for est) n.  1. Eekeekeek.
Forward (for ward) adj.  1. Ando.
Free (free) adj.  1. Che.
Freedom (free dumm) n.  1. Yub nub.
Friend (frend) n.  1. Jeerota.
From (frum) n.  1. Kla.
Gee whiz (jee wiz)  1. Ee chee wa maa.
Give (giv) v.  1. Ehshtee.
Glider (gly dur) n.  1. Hveetin.
Go (goh) v.  1. Treek.
Good (good) adj.  1. Thees.  2. Goot.
Good-bye (gud by)  1. Yeha.
Ground (grownd) n  1. X'eef.
Guide (gyde) v.  1. Bingee.
Hands (handz) n.  1. Grek.
Happy (hap pee) adj.  1. Drik.
Hear (heer) v.  1. Akeeata.
Help (help) v.  1. Chyasee.
Here (heer) adj.  1. Thek.
Hey (hay) interj. 1. Ee choya.
Heart (hart) n.  1. Teeket.
Hello (hell loh)  1. Sku.
Hi (hy)  1. Goopa.
Hit (hitt) v.  1. Ruha.
Hold on (hold on)  1. Grenchicit.
Home (hoam) n.  1. Weewa.
House (howss) n.  1. Weewa.
How (how)  1. Kash.
Hurray (hur ray)  1. Yubnub.
Hurt (hert) v.  1. Seefo.
I (eye)  1. Meechoo.
Important (im poor tunt) adj.  1. X'iutha.
In (in) adj.  1. Zeeg.
Journey (jur nee) n.  1. Treekthin.
Jump (jump) v.  1. Yayath.
Kill (kill) v.  1. E s'eesht.
Listen (liss en) v.  1. Arandee.
Long (lawng) adj.  1. Eetee.
Lost (lost) adj.  1. Lungee.
Love (luv) n.  1. Nuv.
Magic (maj ick) n.  1. Azar.
Map (mapp) n.  1. Reshee.
Maybe (may bee)  1. Danthee.
May I have (may i hav)  1. Chiotto.
Medicine (med ih sin) n.  1. Fektur.
Monster (mon stir) n.  1. Graks.
Moon (moon) n.  1. Chiutatal.
More (moor) adj.  1. Etke.
Mother (muth ur) n.  1. Shodu.
Mountain (moun tun) n.  1. Churi.
Much (much) adj.  1. Chuck.
Name (naym) n.  1. Sheeu.
Never (neh vur) adj.  1. Eleeo.
No (noh)  1. Den.
Now (now)  1. Sta.
Nut (nutt) n.  1. Yungyet.
Okay (oh kay)  1. Acha.
Old (old) adj.  1. Yeh.
Out (owt) adj.  1. Zehg.
Over (oh vur) adj.  1. Eedada.
Peace (peess) n.  1. Yehan.
Pixie (picks see) n.  1. Luka yit.
Plant (plant) n.  1. Feef.
Please (pleez)  1. Gyeesh.
Polar (pol lur) adj.  1. Pola.
Pond (pond) n.  1. Heth.
Power (pau wur) n.  1. Paamuk.  2. Powa.
Pull (pool) v.  1. Aahrgutcha.
Push (puhsh) v.  1. Geetch.
Quick (quik) adj.  1. Veek.
Quiet (quy ett) adj.  1. T'hesh.
Rain (rayn) n.  1. Ooba.
Ready (red ee) adj.  1. Kra.
Rejoice (ree joyss) v.  1. Yupyup.
Right (ryte) adj. 1. Yesh.
Rock (rokk) n.  1. Thuck.
Ruins (roo inz) n.  1. Rueenee.
Sad (sad) adj.  1. Glek.
Shelter (shell tur) n.  1. Gooka.
Sick (sikk) adj.  1. Drin.
Silly (sil lee) adj.  1. Lurd.
Sing (sing) v.  1. Lulalar.
Sister (siss tur) n.  1. Freet.
Soon (soon) adj.  1. Sut.
Spirit Tree (speer it tree) n.  1. Kna Naa.
Station (staysh un) n.  1. Stoja.
Stop (stopp) v.  1. Na goo.
Sun (sunn) n.  1. Sunee.  2. Tal.
Sweet (sweet) adj.  1. Oodeef.
Thank you (thank yoo) v.  1. Teeha.
That's (thatss)  1. Dee fratta.
The (thuh)  1. Tu.  2. Ta.
Them (them)  1. Chaa.
Thing (thing) n.  1 Yit.
To (too)  1. Ota.
Too (too) adj.  1. Oh.
Top (topp) adj.  1. De opra.
Tribe (trybe) n.  1. Na-chin.
Upper (upp pur) adj.  1. De oppra.
Warrior (wor ee or) n  1. Shetai.
Water (wuh tur) n.  1. Ah-ah.
Where (ware)  1. Enenah.
Where is..? (ware iz)  1. Ne gata. 
Which (wich)  1. Noroway.
Who (hoo)  1. Kush.
Wokling (wok ling) n.  1. Mookiee. (1)
Wow (wow)  1. Ee chee wa maa.
Yes (chack)  1. Chak.

Ewok Lessons:

Replace these 'English' words in your daily life with 'Ewok' words in these phrases.

Axe -> Eekeetuhkuh
I chopped the tree down with an
I chopped the tree down with an eekeetuhkuh.
Brother -> Fruk
brother is a real brat.
fruk is a real brat.
Beautiful -> Luu
The ocean is very
beautiful at sunset.
The ocean is very
luu at sunset.
Please -> Gyeesh
Please pass the carrots.
Gyeesh pass the carrots.
Berry -> Sleesh
I like the new
berry cheerios.
I like the new
sleesh cheerios.
Fire -> Siz
Chestnuts roasting on an open
Chestnuts roasting on an open siz.
Far away -> Bok chuu-ock
A long time ago, in a galaxy far,
far away.
A long time ago, in a galaxy far,
bok chuu-ock.
Cook -> Entzahee roda
I can
cook a whole turkey.
I can
entzahee roda a whole turkey.
Eat -> Roda
eats like a pig.
roda like a pig.
Early -> Neetuhl
early bird catches the worm.
neetuhl bird catches the worm.

Ewokese Number Chart:
1     Chu
                                                                           2     Fic
                                                                           3     Chim
                                                                           4     Hoji
                                                                           5     N'la
                                                                           6     N'dla
                                                                           7     Voo
                                                                           8     J'voo
                                                                           9     Coki
                                                                         10     Eedeez
145 words and more to come!
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1. A Guide to the Star Wars Universe by Bill Slavicsek
2. Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Original Release
3. Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Special Edition
4. Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide by Ben Burtt
5. Team Spoonhead, Pantalaimon at
6.  Return of the Jedi by James Kahn
8.  Dark Emperor (SL3313)
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If any of y'all out there have
The Ewok Adventure television movie on tape and want to transcribe any Ewokese that is in it, it would be a very welcome addition to this page.  Full credit would be given to you, of course!

Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
    The following Ewok/Basic dialogue, unless otherwise noted, is phonetically transcribed by me from the actual film version of Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, 1983 version. The dialogue spoken in the movie is slightly altered from that in the screenplay and other sources.  I tried to keep the dialogue in chronological order as it appears in the film.  Because the dialogue is written down by ear, spelling errors and omissions may occur.  An interesting note about Ewokese is that not one phrase is subtitled on the bottom of the screen throughout the entire movie.  Dark Emperor (SL3313) from the great 501st Garrison sends this in: "the Visual Dictionary for the Trilogy's location claims that the language C-3PO talks to the Ewok is not actually Ewokese but Yuzzum Trade tongue." (n/a) means that the Basic translation is not available.

"Hey!"  ([Hey!])
"Aah!"  ([Aah!])
"Cut it out!"
"Wuuda, chee ah goba fenga wah."  (n/a)
"I'm not gonna hurt you."
"Jub chaa."  (n/a)
"Well, looks like I'm stuck here.  Trouble is I don't know where here is.  Maybe you can help me.  Come on, sit down.  I promise I won't hurt you. Now come here."
"No."  (No.)
"All right, you want something to eat?"
"Hu chaa."  (n/a)
"Ooo, ay de loo."  (n/a)
"That's right.  Come on.  Hmmm?"
"Ooo da.  Wuuba fee.  Gloon da."  (n/a) 
"Oo pa ta hoota."  (n/a)
"Look it's a hat.  It's not gonna hurt you.  Look."
"Oh, ah got chu."  (n/a)
"You're a jittery little thing, aren't you?"
"What is it?"
"Oooo!  Akee atah."  (n/a)
"Dy da hoota."  (n/a)
"Ee cha wamma."  (Wow!)
"Ee cha wamma yuuda.  Yub yub."  (n/a)
Scout 1:
"Freeze!  Come on; get up.  Go get your ride and take her back to base."
Scout 2:
"Yes, sir."
"Woo ha!"  (n/a)
Scout 1:
"What the?"
"Hy cha!  Yub hib ja!"  (n/a)
"Come on; let's get out of here."  (n/a)
"Hootahay goy yub, yub yub, hoocha igoo."  (n/a) 
"Yub yub."  (Go.)

Various Ewoks:
"Ootah  ootah."  (n/a)
"Yaaaay yay yalah."  (n/a)
"Taaaaa..."  (n/a)
"Oon denbowsh neng neng non ken koo neng neng neng neng neng zhee deezh dubee a dubowsh..."  (n/a)
"Noo cha eh."  (n/a [possibly: Don't move.])
"Eee."  (n/a)
"Hey, point that thing someplace else!"
"Pa choo doo gen da seen da goo day."  (n/a)
"Ee cheh skada dumdin stoo peed..."  (n/a)
"Eet et.  Sha peh."  (n/a)
"Han, don't.  It will be all right."
"Ee che skood et.  Hella et."  (n/a)
"Chewie, give 'em your crossbow."
"Oh, my head."
"Ee cha wamma."  (Wow.)
"Daahhhhh, oooohhhh."  (n/a)
"Oh my goodness."
"Tyone cono da tome konee ta."  (n/a)
"Ooolooooh, oooolooooh."  ([Reverent chant.])
"Tontu tontu."  (n/a)
"Jza nu bata."  (n/a)
"Treeto dobra ee soy yota ab buno nokka."  (Hello, [he thinks].)
"Ek ky wice."  (n/a)
"Laud an shor."  (n/a)
"Do you understand anything they are saying?"
"Oh yes, Master Luke; remember that I am fluent in over six million forms of commun-"
"What are you telling them?"
"Hello, I think.  I could be mistaken, they're using a very primitive dialect, but I do believe they think I am some sort of God."
"Roar; ha, ha, ha."
"Well why don't you use your divine influence, and get us out of this?"
"I beg your pardon General Solo but that just wouldn't be proper."
"It's against my programming to impersonate a deity."
"Why you!"
"Je choo neh."  (n/a)
"Ata ata."  (n/a)
"Oto ose oh."  (n/a)
"My mistake.  He's an old friend of mine."
"Jubba jubba jubbo."  (n/a)

"Ya toh!"  (n/a)
"Yeee ahh!"  (n/a)
"A cha."  (n/a)
"Oo cha nottu.  Oo cha nottu."  (n/a)
"I have a really bad feeling about this."
"Gahn de dubrek delada."  (n/a)
"At toy yum nah.  At toy yum noh.  Hwa ta goy, ee chocha ja peeah."  (n/a)
"Wa de joo ee saw, joo ee saw.  Meeshee ga tay.  Wha chee."  (n/a)
"What did he say?"
"I'm rather embarrassed, General Solo, but it appears you are to be the main course at a banquet in my honor."
"Dugun duca lula ludla nuna, dounga, luna nudlah."   ([Ancestral folksong praising the forest for its offerings.])
"Eh je sa bahn."  (n/a)
"Jubba jubba jubba."  (n/a)
"Your royal highness."
"But these are my friends." 
"Dugun duca lula.  Ludla dugun duca lula.  Dounga, luna nudlah..."  ([Ancestral folksong...])
"Threepio!  Tell them they must be set free!"
"Roke tat totoh.  Chinni chattah tomah tiptee, tip tweetah bah."  (n/a)
"O, zay zay zay, omu du pahtee."  (n/a)
"Somehow I got the feeling that didn't help us very much."
"Threepio, tell them if they don't do as you wish, you'll become angry and use your magic."
"But Master Luke, what magic?  I couldn't possibly."
"Just tell them."
"Horroway anaway too oo. Toronto bosh, toronto bosh.  Taraway ah way taa ooce ta ah hah.  Ya tenn ay to yah...Boom!"  (n/a)
"Telay fone ay, karah tu.  Jubba jubba jubbu."  (n/a)
"You see Master Luke they didn't believe just as they would."
"Put me down, somebody help!  Master Luke, Artoo, Artoo.  Quickly.  Help.  Artoo."
"Patu nay."  (n/a)
"Eena eena mitta mitta."  (n/a)
"Een et manay."  (n/a)
"Ooooooloooh oooolohhhh."  (n/a)
"Wuuda.”  (n/a)
"Thanks, Threepio."
"I never knew I had it in me."

"Ku chana ma hawata.  Ku chana ma hwattas."  (n/a) 
"Heranda vototo tesh, horoway mana wattu, Princess Leia wassay webba R2."  (n/a)
"Ohss va tatta runday Darth Vader, un chenko vas skeemo kea tuntdy Death Star."  (n/a) 
"Wus neechee un Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi."  (n/a)
"Een mannu machu Vader con yun num, oo tahbay."  (n/a)
"Yes Artoo I was just coming to that."
"Toronto gosh."  (n/a)
"Master Luke hadt chiminay choo doo."  (n/a)
"Oto Millennium Falcon a chimany Cloud City, wus nuch Vader, Han Solo tiklo carbon."  (n/a)
"Un na cachnu goobu sarlaac, oh, cow-oon, kinny chatu tomo monetha."  (n/a)
"Chaatu."  (n/a)
"Neng neng neng."  (n/a)
"Nach ek."  (n/a)
Han Solo:
"What’s going on?"
"I don’t know."
"Oto ma tett, unn neng a machu."  (n/a)
"Wonderful we are now part of the tribe."
"Just what I always wanted."
[cheering, jabbering]
"Short help's better than no help at all, Chewie."
"He says the scouts are going to show us the quickest way to the Shield Generator."
"Good, how far is it?  Ask him."
"Granay gu-"  (n/a)
"We need some fresh supplies, too."  (n/a)
"Chee oto ba-."  (n/a)
"Try and get our weapons back."
"Umma treeta-"  (n/a)
"Hurry up, will ya?  I haven't got all day."

"Ya hoota."  (n/a)
"Yub yub, natt doo."  (n/a)
"Um kacha nabu, yeb nyetnuh."  (n/a)
"Yacha vagu enkit du bukie ukie."  (n/a)
"He says there’s a secret entrance on the other side of the ridge."

"Yub nub."  (n/a)
"Ahuh way da honaha meesh kana."  (n/a)
Han Solo:
"Back door, huh?"
"Yum-num."  (n/a)
Han Solo:
"Good idea."
"Yum-num."  (n/a)
"Yeah chuba."  (n/a)
"Waash kay kamay du kareht."  (n/a)
"Oh ya como sheeshee."  (n/a)
"Bok choo ah.  Rat du hay."  (n/a)
Han Solo:
"It’s only a few guards; it shouldn’t be too much trouble."
"Ah ah, glooka uta nee goo goobu."  (n/a)
"Nagu, atu tak tak?"  (n/a)
"Well it only takes one to sound the alarm."
Han Solo:
"Then we’ll do it real quiet like."
"Oh my, Princess Leia!  I’m afraid our furry companion has gone and done something rather rash."
"Hatta hat ma hota."  (n/a)

"Oh my, they’ll be captured."
"Wa!  Ee cha wamma."  (n/a)
"Wait come back!"
"Hatta hatta."  (n/a)
"Artoo, stay with me."

"Wakay kay chu shee machay.  Mahday, eet eht."  (n/a)
"Ooh cha."  (n/a)
"Yeeha!"  (Yeehah!)
"Heer eht coms-ne."  (n/a)
"Ah eee hah!"  ([Battle cry.])
"Ze goot eh."  (n/a)
Dead Ewok’s friend:
"Gaala.  Wu gaala. Uwaht dahay."  (n/a)
"Ahttowa.  Eff, whoa."  (n/a)
"Eng gah wa, wo."  (n/a)  
"Doh, doh, doh, va doh, doh, raheet, wygah."  (n/a)
"Ungd da, metts daha."  (n/a)
"Ess kaba."  (n/a)

"Hoota!  Yub yub.  Ya hoota!  Ya goota.  Hoota!"  (n/a)

Ewok Celebration:
The following lyrics were sent to me by a friend.  They are from the Ewok Celebration song heard at the end of the original version of Return of the Jedi.  The Ewokese lyrics are by Ben Burtt.  The English lyrics are by Joseph Williams.  The song is copyrighted 1983 by Bantha Music.

Yub nub, eee chop yub nub,  (Freedom, we got freedom,)
Toe meet toe pee chee keene,  (and now that we can be free,)
G'noop dock fling oh ah.  (c'mon and celebrate.)
Yah wah, eee chop yah wah,  (Power, we got power,)
Toe meet toe pee chee keene,  (and now that we can be free,)
G'noop dock fling oh ah.  (c'mon and celebrate.)
Coat ee chah tu yub nub,  (Celebrate the freedom.)
Coat ee chah tu yah wah,  (Celebrate the power.)
Coat ee chah tu glo wah.  (Celebrate the glory.)
Allay loo ta nuv  (celebrate the love.)
Glo wah, eee chop glo wah,  (Power, we got power,)
Ya glo wah pee chu nee foam,  (and now that we can be free,)
Ah toot dee awe goon goon daa.  (it's time to celebrate.)
Coat ee cha tu goo; Yub nub!  (Celebrate the light; Freedom!)
Coat ee cha tu doo; Yah wah!  (Celebrate the might; Power!)
Coat ee cha tu too; ya chaa!  (Celebrate the fight; Glory!)
Allay loo tu nuv.  (Celebrate the love.)
Allay loo tu nuv.  (Celebrate the love.)
Allay loo tu nuv. (Celebrate the love.)
Glo wah, eee chop glo wah.  (Glory, we found glory.)
Ya glow wah pee chu nee foam,  (The power showed us the light,)
Ah toot dee awe goon daa.  (And now we all live free.)
Allay loo tu nuv.  (Celebrate the love.)

Beeps, Bleats , & Boskas Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book and Travel Guide by Ben Burtt
The following is taken from Ben Burtt's book.  The dialogue and lyrics Ben Burtt has in his book are slightly altered from what is actually heard in the movie.
"Ka channa ma flu-atta. Ku channa ma flu-atta."  (My friends, you must be wondering what all the trouble is about.)
"Coroway manna coo-too, tim nee ah wunday ooss, vu tata rundi Darth Vader."  (Well, we are all escaping from a dreadful person called Darth Vader.)
"Lin chenko vas skeemo.  Me-chee un Obi-Wan Kenobi."  (Fortunately, we did meet another man, named Obi-Wan Kenobi.)
"Ee mann ma-chu Vader con yum-num."  (And he fought Darth Vader with a laser sword.)
"A toy yum nah. A toy yum noh."  (The swords flashed and burned!)
"Obi-Wan me oit tu gaa tay!"  (But suddenly Obi-Wan disappeared.)
"Oos, a tum da Death Star, hoat taa gu!"  (And then, they invented the Death Star, a terrible planet.)
"N'tse Master Luke a mitchay mitchu. Chimminay choo doo, Bang!  You way day solja."  (And Master Luke, very clever, got in his X-Wing fighter and flew right up to this Death Star...and then he fired, Bang! and the whole thing exploded.)
"Coroway manna coo-too...toront too gosh, toront too gosh."  (Then, there was a terrible invention, the walkers, and they walked in the snow, and attacked us.)
"Master Luke tearaway hootu oos-stu-ah-a chimminay choo doo, choo doo.  Boom! You way day solja."  (But Master Luke got in his snowspeeder and he exploded them all )
"Un tata tull uta Millennium Falcon a chimminay Cloud City."  (Oh my, and then we all got in the Millennium Falcon and flew to Cloud City.)
"Ee tah maruirsa, maruisa, oss, va...ahh, oh my, bee choo do can choo do! Ah!"  (And it was so beautiful there, very serene,but stormtroopers..ah my, Don't shoot! Ahh!)
"A tull, a aty, ma toto."  (I was shot and everything fell off.  My hands, my legs, and my head.)
"Tall tay bay Han Solo.  Tee ka low carbon.  Ba moy."  (But things were worse for Han Solo.  He was frozen in carbon, and we thought he was dead.)
"Aa-oona. Oss, va pa-manna luta."  (But he wasn't, and we all rescued him and that's how we got to be here.)
"Baa moit na hay goo-ip too cah.  Vade soy oto gubu.  Nu wunday, nee a wundy, nee a gro-libu."  (We've come to seek your aid in fighting these enemies.  Please help us.)

Ewok Celebration:
These lyrics are slightly altered from those heard in the film.

Yub nub...eee chop yub nub.  (Freedom...we got freedom.)
Ah toe meet toe pee chee keene g'noop dock fling oh-ah.  (And now that we can be free, c'mon, let's celebrate.) whip yahwa.  (Power...we got power.)
Coatee-cha tu yub nub.  (Celebrate the freedom.)
Coatee-cha tu yahwa.  (Celebrate the power.)
Coatee-cha tu glowah.  (Celebrate the glory.)
Allayloo ta nuv.  (Celebrate the love.)
Glowah, eee chop glowah.  (Glory, we found glory.
Yawah pee chu knee foom.  (The power showed us the light.)
Ah toot dee awe goon-da.  (And now we all live free.)
Coatee-cha tu goo...Yub nub.  (Celebrate the light...Freedom.)
Coatee-cha tu doo...Yahwa.  (Celebrate the might...Power.)
Coatee-cha tu too...Ya-chaa.  (Celebrate the fight...Glory.)

These phrases are from Ben Burtt's book.

"Che womok! Bont nub paamuk!"  (Beware, I have great power!)
"Ya ees ma goo?"  (Can we make a trade?)
"Oody eshtee a hat chaaa." ( I will give you this one.)
"Gyeesh. Manna maana mo wuhah?"  (May I have more, please?)
"Yum yum."  (I like it.)
"Yum yum di goot."  (It is very good.)
"Chiotto gyeesh ah-ah?"  (May I have water, please?)
"Chi ita lungee."  (I am lost.)
"Coro bingee me oto ji rueenee Death Star?"  (Can you guide me to the Death Star ruins?)
"Ninga ninga kee Treeta Dobra."  (I respect the wishes of the Council of Elders.)
"Teeha dupav vay kommah."  (Thank you for your hospitality.)
"Kiney chattu toma tip-yip."  (Blessings on your fowl.)

Return of the Jedi novel by James Kahn
The following dialogue is from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, paperback edition by James Kahn.  The dialogue in this book is altered slightly from what is heard in the film.

{Page 94}
"Eeeeep!"  (n/a)
{Page 96}
"Eeep rrp scrp ooooh."  (n/a)
{Page 101}
"eeee wk!"  (n/a)
{Page 102}
"Chree breeb a shurr du."  (n/a)
Lead Ewok:
"Bloh wreee bleeop weeschhreee!"  (n/a)
"Du wee shees?"  (n/a)
"Reeop glwah wrrripsh."  (n/a)
"Schree?"  (n/a)
"They're using a very primitive dialect."
{Pages 108,109}
"Eep sqee reeow.  Sqeeow roah meep meeb eerah."  (n/a)
{Page 114}
"Eep eep, meep eek squee..."  (Honorable Elders, we have this night received a perilous wondrous gift.  The gift of freedom, etc.)

Bantha Tracks:
I found this on

"Originally printed in the pages of Bantha Tracks the old Star Wars Fan Club newsletter, here is a sampling of the Ewokese language:
Please  -  Gyeesh
Thank You  -  Teeha
Come Here  -  Tyatee
Go  -  Treek
Yes  -  Chak
No  -  Den
Hello  -  Sku
Goodbye  -  Yeha
Darn  -  Feech
Fooey  -  Kvark
Alas  -  Yut ehda
Okay  -  Acha
What's Going On?  -  Kush drojh
Yummy  -  Gunda
What's that?  -  Kush jeeks?
Ewok warcry  -  Dangar Ewok!
Hurray  -  Yubnub!
Be careful/lookout  -  Danvay!

EWOKS: The Haunted Village:
The following information was kindly contributed by Joey.
This song is from "Ewoks: The Haunted Village":
Yubi Ubi Wokling
Oda Boma Seep
Cabi Abin Sibanso
Yubi Wokling
Ubi Seep
(Repeat 2 more times)

"I do not know the translation of this.  All I can  translate is "Yubi Ubi Wokling (Go to sleep, wokling) Oda Boma Seep (Go to sleep)... Yubi, Wokling (Sleep, Wokling) Ubi Seep (Go to Sleep)."  I, also, figured out the Ewok Sentence structure.  It's: Basic Sentence:Verb-Subject-Object (I figured this out from the Song Malani Sang, Naia Ku Wickett [I love Wickett])  Compound Sentence: Basic-Basic-Conjunction. -(Joey)"

I did not know there  was an alphabet for Ewokese until I visited Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts Page.
Scott writes in: "I supplied the source material for the font which I mostly got from the cartoon series episode "The Haunted Village" where one of the Ewoks holds up a scroll showing the history of the Matigrue's attacks on the Sunberrry's   I also went through the two Ewok movies and the episodes "Blue Harvest", "Cries of the Trees", and "The Tree of Light" as well as the Walmart video "The Haunted Village" which containted parts of two other episodes."  Thanks Scott!
Sample of Ewok alphabet
MSE-6 Playback Droid
Ewokese 1
He seems to have picked up a small flutter...