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                                                             Greetings citizen! Welcome to the Standard Basic page!
                                                                             Here you will find:

                                                          - An introduction and history of Basic
                                                          - A dictionary of Basic terms
                                                          - A Lessons section
                                                          - Alphabet and font gallery
                                                          - Related links
                                                          - Source section
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Basic 101:

An Introduction

Standard Basic is basically English to the inhabitants of Earth, but through the many works of various contributors to the Star Wars Galaxy, it has been added to with many different words and phrases that are not commonly used in English. Examples are such words as Jedi, podrace, and nerfherder.


Basic is the standard language spoken by the majority of the galaxy. It is a
lingua franca, a language easily understood by many different species to make communication easier, especially in matters of trade and diplomacy. It has been spoken since the formation of the Old Republic 25,000 years ago and probably some time before. It is possible that it originated on Coruscant and spread with its human inhabitants as they explored and colonized the unknown regions of the galaxy. Some worlds that speak Basic as a primary language are Coruscant, Alderaan, and Naboo. Basic was the primary language for the Empire most likely due to the Empire's dislike for non-human culture rather than any ease it brought for intergalactic relations.
Basic is a written language and the primary standard alphabet is called the Aurebesh. We first see the Aurebesh on an Imperial starship viewscreen in Episode VI. It can also be seen on Anakin's Naboo fighter display screen in Episode I. Take a look at Erikstrormtrooper's site for a detailed analysis of the Aurebesh in the movies:

In Episode IV, the Earth-based Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals are utilized to represent Basic. Naboo however uses a different alphabet called Futhork and the less formal Futhark. On planet Earth, Futhork and Futhark are an old Anglo-Saxon celtic form of writing using runes. For more information on Anglo-Saxon Futhork/Futhark, follow the links at the bottom of the page.

The definition for Basic from the
Behind the Magic CD-Rom is as follows:
Basic: A language based on the tongue of the human inhabitants of the Core Worlds. Basic, which first emerged as the language of diplomacy and trade during the Old Republic, has become common throughout the galaxy.

The definition for Basic in
A Guide to the Star Wars Universe (Second Edition) by Bill Slavicsek is as follows:
Basic: The most common language of the galaxy, based upon the language of human civilizations of the Core Worlds, is called Basic. It became standard trade and diplomatic language during the time of the Old republic, and has remained in use to the current day.

Dictionary of Basic terms:                   

     There are of course many technical terms in Basic but to put them all in the Basic dictionary would be pointless because firstly, in our current state of civilization we have no use for them, and secondly, there are just too many.  For example: tympanic pulser, broad spectrum anticompressant aerosols, illumigrid, and acceleration couch. 
     The first criteria for the following dictionary entries are words that we could use in passing in our everyday lives.  Avid Star Wars fan as I am, I just haven't come across a moment in my life to refer to any Earth object as a broad spectrum anticompressant aerosol.  However, I could easily substitute binders for handcuffs or lift tube for elevator.   
     The second criteria for the dictionary entries are words or phrases that Star Wars fans could use in passing to each other, such as if you are at a convention and there are fans dressed as stormtroopers, you might say: "Check out those whitehats."  Or if you want to ask what someone majored in at college, you could instead ask them what they studied at the Academy.
     The third criteria is basically that I just put words that I thought were interesting like xenoarchaeology, duracrete, and normal space as opposed to hyperspace.

Unless otherwise stated, these terms are from A Guide to the Star Wars Universe (Second Edition) by Bill Slaviscek and the Behind the Magic CD-ROM by LucasArts. 

Abo: "An Imperial slang word for the native inhabitants of a planet." 
Academy: An elite educational institution for beings all across the galaxy for training for the Exploration, Military, and Merchant Services.
Accelerator: The device on a speeder that makes it accelerate, or go faster.  On petro-engined vehicle, it would be the gas pedal.  (3)
Agrirobot: A droid that works on a farm.
Airspeeder: "Any type of airship designed to operate within a planet's atmosphere."
Aurebesh: The standard Basic alphabet. (9)
Bacta: Chemical compound used to heal wounds.
Big L: "A spacer slang term for the light barrier. To "cross the Big L" is to jump to lightspeed."
Binders: Handcuffs. (3)
Blast: 1. v. To shoot with a blaster.  (3)  2. n. A burst of energy from a blaster.  3. Slang.  An exclamation akin to 'damn it!'  Also used in these phrases: blast it, blast you, etc. (14)
Blaster: "Weapons that fire coherent packets of intense light energy, also called bolts."
Breath mask: Portable breathing system.
Burnout: "Spacer jargon for the loss of energy in a ship's power plants."
Capital, the: Phrase referring to Coruscant, the capital of the Republic. (1)
Chart: A map.  (3)
Choobies:  A vulgar slang term for the genitals.  (10)
Chrono: A watch or clock.
Comlink: Personal communications transceiver, similar to a walkie-talkie or phone.
Commnet: Communicatons systems, like for voice transmissions.  (14)
Credit: Monetary unit used in Republic; money.
Dark Times, the: A time period referring to when the Empire took control of the galaxy from the Republic and the suffering that ensued. (3)
Data card: Thin, rectangular, plastic card that stores information, similar to a credit or id card.
Dataries: A form of Republic money; Republic credits.  (1)
Death mark: Term applied to those singled out for execution or assassination.
Death Stick: A popular and powerful narcotic made from cilona extract used in galactic nightlife.  (6)
Di'kut: Jerk.  (23)
Dioxin: A poisonous gas. (1)
Docking Bay: A parking space for an airship.  (3)
Droid:  Robot.
Duracrete: An advanced form of concrete that is almost indestructible and is used for skyscrapers on Coruscant.
Electrobinoculars: Similar to binoculars, but fancier.
The Final Jump: "Spacer slang for death."
Flitter: A common name for any one or two person airspeeder.
Flutie:  Derogatory Imperial term for any race that can't speak the Basic language of humans.  (20)
The Force: Energy field generated by all living things.
Guild: An exclusive organization.  (17)
Haul jets: "A spacer expression for quick departure, similar in tone and meaning to the phrase "Let's get out of here."
Hologenic: Photogenic, good-looking. (19)
HoloNet: A massive network that provides the galaxy with instantaneous communication and media.  Like the internet.
Holo-thriller: Movie. (8)
Hydrospanner: Tool similar to a wrench.
Hyperspace: The dimension of realspace entered when traveling at lightspeed velocity.
Interior, the: A term referring to the center of the galaxy.  (2)
Jedi: A guardian of peace and justice in the galaxy who is strong with the Force.
Jubilee: A spinning wheel like game most often located in casinos. (8,17)
Klanker: Slang for droid.  (24)
Landspeeder: Land vehicle that uses repulsorlift propulsion engines.
Life debt: The act of repaying someone who has saved a life.
Lift tube: Elevator.
Lightsaber: Sword with blade made of laser energy, used by Jedi.
Macrobinoculars:  The poor man's electrobinoculars.
Macrofuser: Tool similar to a soldering iron.
Maker: Term applied to the creator.
Make the jump: A ship's jump from normal space to hyperspace.  (3)
Medpac: First aid kit. Also called Medipak or medi-pack.
Midi-chlorians: Microscopic things that reside in all living beings. (1)
Motivator: Primary device in a droid that converts energy into mechanical motion.
Mudfoot:  Imperial military slang for the infantry which accompanies an AT-AT walker.  (10)
Nav computer: Device on board a vessel that calculates navigation, similar to Onstar in cars. Also navicomputer.
Nerfherder: Someone who cares for nerfs.  Can be used as an insult.
Normal space: Outerspace, also real space.
Offworlder: A term referring to a visitor to your planet who is not native or a resident to it.  (8)
Outer Rim: Term referring to outer arms of a galaxy.  Earth is located on the outer rim of the Milky Way galaxy.  (3)
Padawan: An apprentice, particularly of the Jedi order. (1)
Petro-engine: A vehicle's engine that uses the old technology of fossil fuels. (8)
Photoreceptors: Electronic 'eyes'.
Podrace: A race between pod vehicles of different competitors. (1)
Power prybar: Tool similar to a prybar.
Power terminal: Energy distribution center for vehicles, ships, and droids similar to a gas station.
Propose unity: To marry.  (17)
Punch it: A slang command used to signal a jump to hyperspace. (3)
Realspace: Outerspace, also Normal Space.
Refresher Stall: Bathroom stall as in a public restroom.  (22)
Refresher Station: Bathroom.  (22)
Republic City: The planet-wide metropolis covering Coruscant.  (15)
Reversion: The act of returning to realspace from hyperspace.
Sandwhirl: Sandstorm.
Scaredy-norg: A derogatory term referring to someone who is scared in a cowardly way, like a scaredy-cat.  (8)
Sector: Section of space containing undefined amount of star systems.
Separatist: A being who supports secession from the Galactic Republic. (6)
Share coordinates: Being in league or cahoots with someone.  (14)
Shiny: Slang term for soldeir that hasnt seen battle yet.  (24)
Show, The: Slang term for space battle.  (21)
Sitting duck: Phrase referring to being out in the open and in danger. (1)
Slythmonger: A low-life "who peddles cheap narcotics manufactured by disbarred pharmacists on Coruscant." (6)
Spacelane robbery: A take on the phrase highway robbery. (18)
Spaceport: Port where starships dock on land or in space.  Cape Canaveral is a spaceport. (3)
Spacer:  Term applied to those making a living by traveling the space lanes.  (6)
Spacing: Form of execution in which the victim is cast into space without any form of protective gear.
Spice: Product of Kessel.  Also a generic term for narcotics ie drufs, dope.
Standard Time Part: Basic unit measure of time, maybe similar to an hour or minute.
Stang:  An Alderaanian curse word.
Starcruiser: Spaceships of various types.  The Space Shuttle is a starcruiser.
Sunbonnet: Slang word for helmet. (24)
Talkdroid: Another word for a protocol droid used primarily by alien species from underverloped worlds.
Terminal:  A machine where citizens may conduct business transactions electronically such as banking or travel. (17)
Tinny: Slang for droid.  (24)
Tracer beacon: A small device that when attached to a ship traces its route to its destination. (6)
Tracomp: Similar to a compass.
Tramper: A being who travels around the galaxy like a nomad in search of work; a drifter. (6)
Transfer register: Similar to a cash register.
Transmission: Electronic communication.  Anything from a phone call, walkie talkie, to an e-mail.  (3)
Transport: Any mode of transportation to and from a destination. (4)
Tweezers: Slang for droids.  (24)
Unit: A general term referring to droids and mechanics.  (3)
Unknown regions: Parts of galaxy that remain unexplored.
Vaporator: Device used to extract water from atmosphere.
War Day: A Republic holiday celebrated each year.  (15)
Weapon detector: Similar to metal detector.
What in the blazes: A phrase referring to disbelief, similar to 'what the heck' or 'what the hell.'  (2)
Whitehat: Derogatory term referring to a stormtrooper.  (8)
Wizard: Basic slang word for 'awesome' or 'cool.' (1)
Xenoarchaeology: Study of vanished off world cultures through the artifacts they leave behind.

Basic Lessons:

Replace these 'English' words in your daily life with 'Basic' words in these phrases.

Elevator -> Lift tube
I am going to take the
I am going to take the lift tube.

Airplane -> Airspeeder
I am taking an
airplane to London.
I am taking an
airspeeder to London.

Neosporin -> Bacta
I will apply
neosporin to your wound.
I will apply
bacta to your wound.

First Aid Kit -> Medpac
I have a
first aid kit in my car in case I get in an accident.
I have a
medpac in my car in case I get in an accident.

Gun -> Blaster
I need a permit to get this
I need a permit to get this blaster.

Cool -> Wizard
The new Boba Fett action figure is 
The new Boba Fett action figure is wizard.

God/Allah/Vishnu/etc. -> the Maker
Thank the Maker!

Onstar -> Nav computer
I'm using
onstar to find the nearest hotel.
I'm using the
nav computer to find the nearest hotel.

Gas station -> Power terminal
I'm out of gas, I'm going to the
gas station.
I'm out of gas, I'm going to the power terminal.

Out of order -> Bad Motivator
The roller coaster is
out of order.
The roller coaster has a
bad motivator.
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                              Alphabets and Fonts:

Below are pictures of three different alphabets in which we see written Basic in the Star Wars Saga. The first time we see Basic written in Star Wars was when Ben Kenobi was turning off the tractor beam on the Death Star (1). The words on the tractor beam switch are clearly written with the Earth based Latin alphabet. Earth based Arabic numerals are also seen in A New Hope. The first time is on Luke Skywalker's electrobinocular screen display (2). The second time is on the wall next to the door to Docking Bay 94 (3). The next time is on the X-Wing Fighter's display (4). And again on the Death Star's tracking screen (5,6). On the new Episode IV DVD, the tractor beam display has been changed to Aurebesh.
     Next we see a display screen from Episode VI that features the second and most prominent Basic alphabet we see in the Star Wars saga (7).The alphabet is called the
Aurebesh. Fellow Basic scholar Erik has compared this screen's writing with the Monopoly version of the Aurebsh and comes to the conclusion that they are similar but not identical and I agree.
     In Episode I, Naboo uses a different alphabet as illustrated in the photos from the N-1 starfighter (8, 9). I have included an example of Anglo-Saxon Futhark for you (10).
     The Trade Federation has its own alphabet as well. Examples of their numerical system can be seen on the backs of battle droids in Episode I. There are examples of it below (11).
     There is another Basic alphabet that has recently surfaced in the Clone Wars animated series. I am not entirely sure it is Basic or not, but one assumes so if clones speak Basic. Examples of it can be seen on their electrobinocular readouts as well as on the patches of their sleeves on Kamino. Actually it is similar to the Trade Federation alphabet but I do not know at this time what exactly it is.
     To download any of these Star Wars fonts, visit the link to Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts Page or in the Related Links section at the bottom of this page.
     I apologize for the unclearness in some pictures which were so tiny that when blown up after scanning, became blurry. You can see the clear picture in the source number listed after their descriptions.
(1) Latin alphabet labeling tractor beam on First Death Star in Episode IV. (9) And change from DVD.
(4) Arabic numerals on Luke's X-Wing display screen in Episode IV. (9)
A 100 credit note from the Star Wars Classic Trilogy Edition Monopoly. (8)

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23.  Star Wars Legacy Issue #16
24. Clone Wars 3-D Cartoon, Episode 5
(8) Futhark writing on N-1 Starfighter from Episode I. (5)
Futhark writing on N-1 Starfighter from Episode I. (5)
(10) Celtic rune Futhark example;
Letters F, U, and T on top,
Numbers 1, 2, and 3 on bottom. (12)
Futhark alphabet font downloadable from Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts. (11)
Futhork alphabet font downloadable from Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts. (11)
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Thank you.
(7) Aurebesh writing on display screen in Episode VI. (9)
The Aurebesh as it appears on back cover of Star Wars Classic Trilogy Edition Monopoly instruction booklet. (8)
Basic Numerals (5)
Jedi testing screen from Episode I. (5)
Jedi Starfighter display screens from Episode II. (6)
Dex's Diner logo from Episode II. (6)
(9) Futhork writing on Naboo helmet from Episode. (5)
Futhork on Naboo N-1 Starfighter readouts from Episode I. (5)
Naboo Royal Starship Damage Monitor (5)
Republic cruiser Destination Navisphere (5)
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(3) Arabic numerals labeling Docking Bay 94. (9)
(2) Arabic numerals on Luke's macrobinoculars. (7)
(6) Arabic numerals on Death Star screen. (9)
(5) Arabic numerals on Death Star screen. (7)
(11) Trade Federation alphabet. (I don't remember where I found this.)
Aurebesh alphabet font downloadable from Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts. (11)
Aurebesh alphabet font downloadable from (10)
A property card from the Star Wars Classic Edition Monopoly, credit sign inset for clarity. (8)
Futhark alphabet font downloadable from (10)
Futhark. (I don't remember where I found this.)
Trade Federation alphabet font downloadable from Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts. (11)
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ATL Interceptor Toy Sticker (16)
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