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"Uoo waa gaa moo."
Wermo (wer moh) n. 1. A stupid person, an idiot. 2. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed. 3. Worm. 4. slang Boy.
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                                Wyaaaaa!  Welcome to the Shyriiwook page!  Here you will find:

  An introduction and history of Shyriiwook
                                                     A dictionary of Shyriiwook terms
                                                     Shyriiwook Number Chart
                                                     A Lessons section
                                                     Transcriptions of all Shyriiwook dialogue known to humankind
                                                     Alphabet and font gallery
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Wordy Wookiees
                                      Shyriiwook 101:

An Introduction
Shyriiwook is a language we first heard from the character Chewbacca in A New Hope.  Chewbacca was based on George Lucas's dog and this can be seen in the strange language he was given which comprises of howls, growls, and grunts.  In the film, Ben Burtt used real animal sounds to create the Wookiee language.  George Lucas suggested bears and after much searching, Burtt came upon a young captive bear named 'Pooh' which provided him with many examples to manipulate and use in the film in addition to the other bear, walrus, dog, and lion recordings he captured. 
     Another factor in shaping Shyriiwook for the film were the limitations of Peter Mayhew's mask, the lips of which did not have a wide range of motion, thus sounds that emitted from the back of the throat like growls were perfect.
     Burtt went on to do more Shyriiwook work for the infamous Star Wars Christmas special.

Ryan sent in this fun link he found:
A minor disclaimer though: it is my opinion that this is just for fun and not true Lucasfilm canonical Shyriiwook.  :P  But considering that there is not much for us to go on, it certainly is fun to use!  Thanks Ryan!

Shyriiwook is spoken by the tall, hairy, warrior species called Wookiees.  Wookiees hail from the lush forest covered world of Kashyyyk.  They live high above the carnivorous flora and fauna in wroshyr trees.  They have a warrior based culture in which the most elite fighters are called berserkers.  They are a race that is untrustful of humans due to the Empire's enslavement of them.
     Shyriiwook is sometimes referred to as Wookiee-speak.  It is not an easy language for humans and other humanoids to learn, as most of the sounds emanate as growls and howls from the back of the throat.
     An interesting note is that in the Thrawn Trilogy, Ralrra (short for Ralrracheen) had a speech impediment which made him easier for non-Wookiees to understand, a useful trait when he was Kashyyyk's ambassador to the Old Republic (2).

Shyriiwook Dictionary:

        Unless otherwise stated, these terms are from
Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide by Ben Burtt.

Addik (ad dik)  1. Suffix added to name meaning guardian.  2. Sentinel.
Awa (ah wah) v.  1. Go.
Ah wu aaa (ah woo ah)  1. Why
Gaa moo (gah moo) n.  1. Mealtime.
Haaag (hahg) n.  1. Doorway.
Huaahh (hoo ah)  1. When.
Kourasaa (koor ah sah) n.  1. Coruscant.
Maw (maw) n.  1. He.
Mu (moo)  1. I.  2. Please.
Muaarga (moo ar gah) n.  1. Peace.
Muaahh (moo ah)  1. Who.
Muawa (moo ah wah)  1. No.
Mumwa (mumm wah) n.  1. Drink.
Na (nah)  1. Not.
Ohh haa (oh hah)  1. Okay.
Oid (oyd) n.  1. Droid.
Uma (oo mah)  1. Yes.
Ur oh (er oh)  1. Thank you.
Woohiee (woo hee) n.  1. Wookiee.
Wuahh (woo ah)  1. What.
Wugaga (woo gah gah)  1. Who.
Wuhu (woo hoo)  1. Have.
Wyaaaaa (wy aaaah)  1. Hello.
Yaag ( yahg)  1. How.
Yo agaaha (yo ah gah hah) n.  1. Headache.
Yukshin (yukk shin) adj.  1. Suction.
Yuow (yu ow)  1. Good-bye.
Yurinal (yer in ahl) n.  1. Journal.


Coruscant (koor us sahnt) n.  1. Kourasaa.
Doorway (dore way) n.  1. Haaag.
Drink (drink) n.  1. Mumwa.
Droid (droyd) n.  1. Oid.
Go (goh) v.  1. Awa.
Good-bye (good by)  1. Yuow.
Guardian (gard dee en) n.  1. Addik.
Headache (hed ayke) n.  1. Yo agaaha.
Hello (hel loh)  1. Wyaaaaa.
I (I)  1. Mu.
Journal (jer nul) n.  1. Yurinal.
Have (hav)  1. Wuhu.
He (hee) n.  1. Maw.
How (how)  1. Yaag.
Mealtime (meel tyme) n.  1. Gaa moo.
No (noh)  1. Muawa.
Not (nott)  1. Na.
Okay (oh kay)  1. Ohh haa.
Peace (peess) n.  1. Muaarga.
Please (pleez)  1. Mu.
Sentinel (sen ten el) n.  1. Addik.
Suction (suk shun) adj.  1. Yukshin.
Thank you (thank yu)  1. Ur oh.
What (wut)  1. Wuahh.
When (wen)  1. Huaahh.
Who (hoo)  1. Muaahh.  2. Wugaga.
Why (wy)  1. Ah wu aaa.
Wookiee (wook kee) n.  1. Woohiee.
Yes (yess)  1. Uma.

Shyriiwook Numbers:
                                                                                    1     Ah
                                                                                    2     Ah-ah
                                                                                    3     A-oo-ah
                                                                                    4     Wyoorg
                                                                                    5     Ah wyoorg
                                                                                    6    Hu wyoorg
                                                                                    7     Muwaa yourg
                                                                                    8    Ah muwaa yourg
                                                                                    9     A-oo-mu
                                                                                  10     A-oo-mu wyaarg

                             Replace these 'Basic' words in your daily life with 'Shyriiwook' words in these phrases.

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                      The dialogue spoken in the movie.   (n/a) means that the Basic translation is not available.

                                                                                Comng soon!
26 words and more to come!
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