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Wermo (wer moh) n. 1. A stupid person, an idiot. 2. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed. 3. Worm. 4. slang Boy.
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                                M'um m'aloo!  Welcome to the Jawaese page!  Here you will find:

- An introduction and history of Jawaese
                                                     - A dictionary of Jawaese terms
                                                     - Jawa Number Chart
                                                     - A Lessons section
                                                     - Transcriptions of all Jawaese dialogue known to humankind
                                                     - Alphabet and font gallery
                                                     - Related links
                                                     - Source section

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Jabbering Junkdealers
                                   Jawaese 101:

An Introduction
Jawaese is spoken by the Jawas of Tatooine.  The first listen we got of this language was in Star Wars, Episode IV: A  New Hope.  Ben Burtt developed this language for the Star Wars saga.  He was drawn to several African languages, in particular Zulu.  Recording several individuals who spoke Zulu, Burtt wrote a script patterned on the various sounds he heard and had actors re-voice them for the films.  The “recordings were sped up to raise the pitch and accelerate the flow of words” to give us the Jawa language that we are familiar with today.  (1)
The Jawas share a common ancestor with the Tuskens of Tatooine.  Baobab anthropologists have named these people the Kumumgah.  The Kumumgahs split from a once singular tribe and evolved into the tall and fierce Tuskens and the short scavenging Jawas.  Jawas have been described as having a rather pungent aroma that is a result of their natural skin chemistry.  They travel in sandcrawlers, searching the desert wastes for anything they can salvage and resell such as droids or podracers parts.  They are extremely clever when it comes to selling their goods but for the most part are fair in their dealings.   
     A split of the original tribe also resulted in two different languages, Tusken and Jawaese.  Jawaese unlike the rough barking of theTuskens, can be more easily learned by humans.  Their language is spoken very quickly and has been described as jabbering.  (1)

Jawaese Dictionary:

        Unless otherwise stated, these terms are from Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide by Ben Burtt.

Ashuna (ah shoo nah) v.  1. Go.
Ayafa (ay yaff fuh) n.  1. Clan.
Baba (bah bah) n.  1. Days.
Bazzok (bazz zok) v.  1. Cook.
Bok (bock) adj.  1. Far.
Bom’loo (bomm loo) n.  1. Bargain.
Bopom Kova (boh pom koh vah) n.  1. Mountain.
Buja (boo jah)  1. How.
Chikua (chik oo ah) n.  1. Them.
Cirkoza (seer koh zuh) n.  1. Encampment.
Dikwass (deek wahss) n.  1. Cliff.
Dooka (doo kah) n.  1. Junk.
Dook'wab (duke wahb) n.  1. Scanner.
Eyeta (ee yett ah) n.  1. Friend.
Gomjam (gomm jamm)  adj.  1. Always.
Ha'mfoo (ha muh foo) v.  1. Burn.
Hazamuzee (hahz ah moo zee) v.  1. Chant.
Hkeek nkulla (he keek nu kuh lah) n.  1. A particularly disparaging Jawa curse.  (8)
Hunya (hunn yah) n.  1. Enemy.
Ibana (ih ban ah)  1. Yes.
Ikee (ick kee)  1. I.
Jar k’osa (jar koe sah) adj.  1. Large.
Jubinloo (jubb in loo) n.  1. City.
Kebee'oto (keh bee oh toh) adj.  1. Long ago.
Keeza (kee zah) n.  1. Weapon.
Kiizci (keez see) n.  1. Cave.
Kiluyak (kill yu yak) n.  1. Cloud.
Ko lopo (koh loh poh) adj.  1. Broken.
Kurruzza (kuh ruh zah) v.  1. Repair.
Lika (lee kah) n.  1. Sea.
Lopima (loh pee mah)  n pl.  1. Stars.
Lo'wassa (loh wahss ah) n.  1. Sail barge.
Mambay (mamm bay)  1. Okay.
Meeglay (mee glay) v/n.  1. Clean.
M'nuta (ma noo tah) n.  1. Hole.
M'tuske (muh toosk) v.  1. Steal.
M'um m’aloo (mum mah loo)  1. Greetings.  2.  Hello.
Nekkel juuvar obwegadada (nek kil ju vahr ob we gah dah dah) n.  1. Jawa curse.  (8)
Neng ooka (neng oo kah) n.  1. Yesterday.
N'lappu (nah lah poo) n.  1. Water.
Nufuzu (noo foo zoo) adj.  1. Below.
Nyeta (nee yett tuh)  1. No.
Ogo (oh goh) adj.  1. High.
Okka (Ahk ah) adj.  1. Up.
Oko (oh koh) adj.  1. Cold.
Ookwass (ook wahss)  1. Where.
Opakwa (oh pak wah) n.  1. Spare parts.
Opawi (oh pah wee) v.  1. Give.
Perupa (peh roo pah) v.  1. Pray.
Pibboz (pih bahz) adj.  1. Warm.
Ratapa (rat tap ah) n.  1. Knife.
Rillo (rill loh) n.  1. Dune.
Rubac (roo bak) n.  1. Rust.
Sabioto (sah bee oh toh) v.  1. Stop.
Shanay (shah nay) v.  1. Sleep.
Shootogawa (shoot oh gah wah) v.  1. Shoot.  2. Blast.
Sooga (soo gah) n.  1. Food.
Speeda (spee dah) n.  1. Speeder.
Taa baa (tah bah)  1. Thank you.  2. Thanks.
Takiik (tah keek) adj.  1. Tomorrow.
Tando (tan doh) v.  1. Fix.
Tilba (till buh) adj.  1. Above.
Toineepa (toy nee pah) n.  1. Credit.
Ton ton (tahn than) n.  1. Sand.
Ubanya (Oo bann yah)  1.  Good day.  2. Good-bye.
Ugama (yu gah mah) n.  1. Bantha.
Umka (um kah) v.  1. Walk.
Umpee (um pee) n.  1. Empire.
Upezzo (yu pezz oh) n.  1. Market.
Utinni (oo tee nee)  1.  Wow.  2. Battle cry.  3. Alert to other jawas.
Vapoosza (vapp oo zhuh) n.  1. Vaporator.
Waff’mla (wahff mlah) n.  1. Desert.
Wass (wahss) adj.  1. Hot.
Yaytah (yay tah) adj.  1. Later.
Ysas (ee sas) adj.  1. Equal.


Above (ah buv) adj.  1. Tillba.
Always (all wayz) adj.  1. Gomjam.
Bantha (bann thuh) n.  1. Ugama.
Bargain (bar gun) n.  1. Bom’loo.
Below (bee loh) adj.  1. Nufuzu.
Blast (blast) v.  1. Shootogawa.
Broken (broh kenn) adj.  1. Ko lopo.
Burn (bern) v.  1. Ha'mfoo.
Cave (cayv) n.  1. Kiizci.
Chant (chant) v.  1. Hazamuzee.
City (sit tee) n.  1. Jubinloo.
Clan (klan) n.  1. Ayafa.
Clean (kleen) v/n.  1. Meeglay.
Cliff (clif) n.  1. Dikwass.
Cloud (clowd) n.  1. Kiluyak.
Cold (coald) adj.  1. Oko.
Cook (koohk) v.  1. Bazzok.
Credit (kred it) n.  1. Toineepa.
Days (dayz) n.  1. Baba.
Desert (dezz urt) n.  1. Waff’mla.
Dune (doon) n.  1. Rillo.
Empire (em py ur) n.  1. Umpee.
Encampment (en kamp ment) n.  1. Cirkoza.
Enemy (en uh me) n.  1. Hunya.
Equal (ee kwawl) adj.  1. Ysas.
Far (far) adj.  1. Bok.
Fix (ficks) v.  1. Tando.
Food (fude) n.  1. Sooga.
Friend (frend) n.  1. Eyeta.
Give (giv) v.  1. Opawi.
Go (goh) v.  1. Ashuna.
Good-bye (good by)  1.  Ubanya.
Good day (good day)  1.  Ubanya.
Greetings (gree tingz)  1. M’um m’aloo.
Hello (hell loh)  1.  M’um m’aloo.
High (hy) adj.  1. Ogo.
Hole (hole) n.  1. M'nuta.
Hot (hott) adj.  1. Wass.
How (how)  1. Buja.
I (eye)  1. Ikee.
Junk (junk) n.  1. Dooka.
Knife (nife) n.  1. Ratapa.
Large (larj) adj.  1. Jar k’osa.
Later (layt tur) adj.  1. Yaytah.
Long ago (lowng ah goh) adj.  1. Kebee'oto.
Market (marr kett) n.  1. Upezzo.
Mountain (mown tun) n.  1. Bopom Kova.
No (noh)  1. Nyeta.
Okay (oh kay)  1. Mambay.
Pray (pray) v.  1. Perupa.
Repair (ree pare) v.  1. Kurruzza.
Rust (russt) n.  1. Rubac.
Sail Barge (sail barj) n.  1. Lo'wassa.
Sand (sand) n.  1. Ton ton.
Scanner (skan ur) n.  1. Dook'wab.
Sea (see) n.  1. Lika.
Shoot (shoot) v.  1. Shootogawa.
Sleep (sleep) v.  1. Shanay.
Spare parts (spayr parts) n.  1. Opakwa.
Speeder (spee dur) n.  1. Speeda.
Stars (starz) n pl.  1. Lopima.
Steal (steel) v.  1. M'tuske.
Stop (stahpp) v.  1. Sabioto.
Thanks (thankss)  1. Taa baa.
Thank you (thank yu)  1. Taa baa.
Them (thehm) n.  1. Chikua.
Tomorrow (too mar oh) adj.  1. Takiik.
Up (uhpp) adj.  1. Okka.
Vaporator (vapp or rate or) n.  1. Vapposza.
Walk (wallk) v.  1. Umka.
Warm (warm) adj.  1. Pibboz.
Water (woot tur) n.  1. N'lappu.
Weapon (wepp un) n.  1. Keeza.
Where (ware)  1. Ookwass.
Wow (wow)  1. Utinni.
Yes (yess)  1. Ibana.
Yesterday (yes tur day) n.  1. Neng ooka.

Jawa Numbers:
1     Po
2     Ko
3     Kyo
4     Yo
5     Dyo
6     Lyo
7     Does not exist in Jawa arithmetic
8     Ho
9     Toe
10     Kisewa
100     Gakisewa
1000     Hakisewa
100,000,000     Jo jo muma

                             Replace these 'Basic' words in your daily life with 'Jawaese' words in these phrases.

Yesterday -> Neng ooka
                                                                 I went to school
I went to school neng ooka.

Friend -> Eyeta
friend and I went to the movies.
eyeta and I went to the movies.

Large -> Jar k’osa
                                                                Jabba the Hutt is
                                                                Jabba the Hutt is
jar k’osa.

Stars -> Lopima
                                                                There are millions of
stars in the galaxy.
                                                                There are millions of
lopima in the galaxy.

Market -> Upezzo
                                                                This little piggy went to
                                                                This little piggy went to


The dialogue spoken in the movie is slightly altered from that in the screenplay and other sources.  I tried to keep the dialogue in chronological order as it appears in the films.  Because the dialogue is written down by ear, spelling errors and omissions may occur.  An interesting note about Jawaese is that not one phrase is subtitled on the bottom of the screen throughout the entire movies.  (n/a) means that the Basic translation is not available.

EPISODE I: The Phantom Menace
The following is text phonetically transcribed from the film version of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. 

[At Mos Espa Arena]
“Habba habba da oon da oon, oh oh..”  (n/a)
“Hoohoohoo haahaa.”  (n/a)
“Nengo bah.”  (n/a)
“Bahbit.”  (n/a)
[Podracer passes by]
“Oh oh oh.  Utinni!”  (Oh, oh, oh.  Wow, look!)

The Phantom Menace PC Game:
The following is dialogue from The Phantom Menace PC Game by LucasArts.  The spelling here is exact as it is NOT phonetically transcribed but the spelling appears on the screen as the dialogue was spoken.

"Guak wa Neenee Cha Ba?" (n/a)
"Steika Ba!" (n/a)
"Bo Shuda!" (n/a)
"Zookeyneee Wa Na Be." (n/a)
"Bowa Zootaneenee!" (n/a)

The Episode I Racer PC Game:
The following is dialogue taken from the Episode I Racer PC Game by LucasArts.  If you have this game on your computer, these voice wavs can be found in the data section when you open the folder from the Program Files section on your computer.  They are phonetically transcribed so spelling errors may occur.

“Hoo gagagaga hy, tareeba tareeba.”  (n/a)
“Hey de die hy degada dagada degadada.”  (n/a)
“Hu dudda ha, hy de huha.”  (n/a)

Galactic BattleGrounds PC Game:
Coming soon!

EPISODE IV: A New Hope, Special Edition:
The following is text phonetically transcribed from the film version of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  There’s a lot of Jawaese that was just too unintelligible to transcribe intermingled with what sounds I could make out.  Transcribing Jawaese…not easy.

[Jawas find Artoo]
“Bazzuk by huhna.”  (n/a)
“Bazzuk kaba huhna.”  (n/a)
“Hu degaga.”  (n/a)
[Jawas stun Artoo]
"Aw...Utinni!" (n/a)
“Areeba.”  (n/a)
“Pee netto oh!”  (n/a)
“Oh waha.”  (n/a)
“Ow ow ruh.”  (n/a)
“Bahbit bahbit wah.”  (n/a)
“Hu eyedegadadaga.”  (n/a)
“Heedit ooh, heedit ah.”  (n/a)
[Jawas enter salvage hold]
“Bahbit bahbit wah.”  (n/a)
“Chee goot.”  (n/a)
“Hy koda hunna hayna.”  (n/a)
“Utinni!”  (see Dictionary)
“Aw…Pee gah!”(n/a)
“Wy oh yayna.”  (n/a)
[At Lars homestead]
“Hey hy de gada.”  (n/a)
“Ashuna, ashuna.”  (Go, go.)
“Bahbit, loo.”  (n/a)
“Oon kaseeda, kaseeda, kaseeda.”  (n/a)
“Oh yess, jee ha.”  (n/a)
“Jee ha huss.”  (n/a)
[Jawa greets Owen Lars]
“Hoo da heena, zennoba.”  (n/a)
“Bom’loo.” (Bargain.)
Owen Lars:
“All right, fine, let’s go.”
“Badaha.”  (n/a)
Beru Lars:
“Luke, Luke!  Tell Uncle if he gets a translator be sure it speaks Bocce.”
“Doesn’t look like we have much of a choice but I’ll remind him.”
“Ya hoos ya da ayna.”  (n/a)
[Owen chooses Threepio]
“Bahbit bahbit wah.”  (n/a)
“Heehee, hy degaddegada.”  (n/a)
[Artoo tries to follow Threepio]
“Hooda gydeha, waba.”  (n/a)
[R5-D4 malfunctions]
Owen Lars:
“Hey, what are you trying to push on us?”
“Wah!  Da koos ad daeen.”  (n/a)
Owen Lars:
“What about that blue one, we’ll take that one.”
“Bahbit!”  (n/a)
[Mos Eisley:]
Jawas fall off ronto:
“Ya ha ha ha hoo, wa de hay.”  (n/a)
Jawa touching Luke’s landspeeder:
“Ah, koos oon.  Oo tengo, huha.”  (n/a)
[Han shoots Greedo]
“Bobaloo!”  (n/a)

Episode IV Commtech Chip:
The following Jawaese and translation is taken from the back of the card of the Jawa with Gonk Droid action figure that was sold with a Commtech Chip.

"Utinni!" (n/a)
"Shuopp! Stoppit! Quite!"  (Shut up! Stop it! Quiet!)

(Also on commtech chip:)
‘Jawa yell’
‘Jawa jabber’

EPISODE VI: Return of the Jedi, Special Edition:
The following is text phonetically transcribed from the film version of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

[In Jabba’s Palace]
"Chobodd ee kafstu an delay."

Alphabet and Font Gallery:
                                                           no pictures available at this time

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                                        1. Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide by Ben Burtt
                                        2. Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace
                                        3. Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope
                                        4. Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
                                        5. The Phantom Menace PC game by LucasArts
                                        6.  Episode I Racer PC game by LucasArts
                                        7.  Jawa and Gonk Droid Commtech Chip
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