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"Kas tulisha abia al port."
Wermo (wer moh) n. 1. A stupid person, an idiot. 2. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed. 3. Worm. 4. slang Boy.
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                                       Ol'val!  Welcome to the Corellian page!  Here you will find:

- An introduction and history of Corellian
                                                     - A dictionary of Corellian terms
                                                     - Transcriptions of all Corellian dialogue known to humankind
                                                     - Alphabet and font gallery
                                                     - Related links
                                                     - Source section

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Conversational Corellians,
                                       Corellian 101:

An Introduction
Corellian is an expanded universe language.  It seems to have gotten its inspirations from several different languages including German, French, Gaelic and to add a sense of the exotic, African languages.  An example of French or Latin is the word for 'grave' which is 'mord,' very similar to the French 'morte' (to die).  Also port for door, in French 'porte'.  German influence can be seen in the word for 'window': 'fonster', which is 'fenster' in German.  And 'koehng' for 'king' which is 'koenig' in German.
Corellia is one of five inhabited planets called the Five Brothers in the Corellian system, not too far from the Core.  The Corellian language is alot different today then its predecessor Old Corellian which Corellia's earliest natives spoke.  Old Corellian became extinct 4000 years before the Battle of Yavin but is said to be spoken by the isolated Socorron population of Corellia as well as pirates and traders. . Over the millennia, it was populated with words and phrases from the Basic tongue, and became the modern Corellian language.  Corellia's offical language today is Standard Basic.

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Old Corellian Dictionary:

       These Old Corellian terms are from the Unofficial Encyclopedia on, their original sources are listed by their numbers in parentheses in Source section.
Old Corellian-Basic:

Corellisi (kor rell ee see) adj.  1. Corellian.  (3)
Cnous (sehnoo) v.  1. Knows.  (3)
Eharl (eh har ul) adj.  1. Trickster.  (4)
Fhars (farce) v.  1. Fears.  (3)
Guerlle (gayr rill)  n.  1. Guard.  (3)
Hyon (Hi on)  1. Who.  (3)
Khoehng (kehng) n.  1. King.  (4)
Mord (mord) n.  1. Grave.  (8)
N (enn) 1.  Into.  (8)
Oblivyn (uh blih vin) n.  1. Nothing.  (3)
Ol'val (ohl vayl) phrase.  1. Hello.  2. Goodbye. (2)
Olys (oh liss) adj.  1. Old.  (3)
Olys guerlle (oh liss gayr rill) phrase.  1.  Old guard.  2. Greetings (to an old acquaintance).  (3)
Onna fulle guth (oh nah fool guth) phrase.  1. A challenge.  2. An insult.  (2)
Oobalah (oo bah lah) n.  1. Illegal substance on Corellia.  (9)
Osk'y (oss keh ee) n.  1. Enemy.  2. Rival.  3. Team in the sport of phrenbi.  (7)
Permes (purr mehz) adj.  1. Permissible.  2. Marriage permissible.  (6)
Petchuk (peh chook) n.  1. Animosity.  2. Bad blood.  (1)
Sahsahlah (sah sah lah) phrase.  1. The promised land.  2.  The place of wise fools.  3.  Phrase used in conversation where your opinion differed from someone else's, and they wanted to indicate that you were not going to get your way.  (3)
Saltan (sall ton) n.  1. Assumption.  (8)
Selba (sell buh) n.  1. Highly regarded youth.  (7)
Socorro (soh korr oh) n.  1. Scorched earth.  (1)
Sumteh Ohleyz (sum the oh layz) phrase.  1. Response to a clan greeting.  (6)
Telvalk (tell vallk) adj.  1. Shallow.  (8)
Than donya sinyin (tan don yah sin yin) phrase.  1. Greetings, do come in(side home).  (6)
Uhl (ool)  1. The.  (4)
Valoramosa n.  1. The first step.  (8)
Volgoth (vull gawth) v. 1. Want.  (3)
Wagyx (wag icks) n.  1. Buttochs.  (5)
Yke (ikk)  1. He.  (3)

Basic-Old Corellian:

Animosity (ann eh mahs it tee) n.  1. Petchuk.  (1)
Assumption (uh sump shun) n.  1. Saltan.  (8)
Bad blood (bad blud) n.  1. Petchuk.  (1)
Buttochs (butt tucks) n.  1. Wagyx.  (5)
Challenge (chayl enj) n.  1. Onne fulle guth.  (2)
Corelliian (kor rell ee un) adj.  1. Corellisi.  (3)
Enemy (oss keh ee) n.  1. Osk'y.  (7)
Fears (feerz) v.  1. Fhars.  (3)
First step (furst stepp) n.  1. Valoramosa.  (8)
Goodbye (good by) phrase.  1. Ol'val.  (2)
Grave (grayv) n.  1. Mord.  (8)
Guard (gard)  n.  1. Guerrlle.  (3)
He (hee)  1. Yke.  (3)
Hello (ohl vayl) phrase.  1. Ol'val. (2)
Highly regarded youth (hi lee ree gard ed yuth) n.  1. Selba.  (7)
Insult (inn sult) n.  1. Onne fulle goth.  (2)
Into (inn too) adj. 1.  N.  (8)
King (king) n.  1. Koehng.  (4)
Knows (nohs) v.  1. Cnous.  (3)
Nothing (nuth ing) n.  1. Oblivyn.  (3)
Old (ohld) adj.  1. Olys.  (3)
Permissible (purr miss uh bul) adj.  1. Permes.  (6)
Promised land (prom isst land) phrase.    1.  Sahsahlah.  (3)
Rival (oss keh ee) n.  1. Osk'y.  (7)
Scorched earth (sorchd urth) n.  1. Socorro.  (1)
Shallow (shayl loh) adj.  1. Telvalk.  (8)
The (thuh)  1. Uhl.  (4)
Trickster (trik stirl) adj.  1. Eharl.  (4)                                 
Want (wunt) v. 1. Volgoth.  (3)
Who (hoo)  1. Hyon.  (3)                                 



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Alphabet and Font Gallery:
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