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      Ewok Village Hut

This Star Wars location is best suitable for decorating bedrooms and dens.

     In Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, we are introduced to the planet Endor which is covered with tall majestic forests.  The inhabitants of these forests, the Ewoks, have adapted to their environment by building small villages that rise stories above the dangers of the forest floor.  Although the architecture of these villages is rudimentary, the Ewok Village Huts nevertheless are as enchanting as the creatures who build them.  Because the Ewoks’ technology is limited, these huts are made with the most basic elements, and thus are an excellent choice for easily replicating in your own home.
     The first thing to do is (after the room is totally empty) do your walls.  This can be done several ways.
     The most authentic way would be to use wood paneling around the entire room from floor to ceiling.  Very dark,  natural, narrow wood paneling.  You do not want fake light wide colored paneling because that is more like The Brady Bunch then Star Wars…
     Another less difficult way to do the walls would be to paint them.  You will want to use a dark brown color like 9 or 10 in the color palette in Figure 2.  Paint the walls, baseboards, door frames, window frames and ceiling this color.  You may want to use 2 coats based on your own judgement.
     The floor of the Ewok hut looks like dirt covered with a reddish short haired straw.  But what it probable is, is wooden planks that are covered with this straw type material.  If you want to be authentic, you could have hardwood floors installed.  Or you could install wooden planks over your current floor.  Or you could just use carpet.
     Personally, I would choose carpet even though it is easy to figure out that the Ewoks could not possibly have carpet technology, it just feels better on the feet, especially if you are doing your bedroom like this…
     What you want then is wall to wall carpet that is similar in color to 7 or 8 in the color palette.  You can hire someone to install it or do it yourself.
     If you want authenticity however, you may opt for wooden planks perhaps, or even vinyl flooring which is sold in patterns that resemble real wood flooring.  Inquire your local hardware store such as home depot on what flooring is available to you and what is most financially satisfactory (ie. what you can afford).
     The door can be done in several different ways.
     One way is to remove it from its hinges and drape a heavy canvas curtain over the opening.
     Another way is to have no door and no curtain at all.
     Another way is to keep your door but paint it black and also have a curtain draped over it.
     Like the door, a heay dark canvas type curtain would be perfect for covering the windows.
     The ceiling if you don’t want it as dark as the walls, you could cover with mats of straw, for that authentic thatch roof hut look.
    If you are making your bedroom like this, you will want a crude looking wooden framed bed, a dark canvas hammock, or just a mattress perhaps with a feather bed on top of it.  For the bed and mattress look, you will want dark brown sheets and bedding.  To give it a crude Ewok look, you could sew the edges of a dark brown comforter or feather bed cover with leather lacing which you can see the Ewoks use in their cowls and also on Leia’s dress. 
     The Ewoks for the most part use wood as their building materials so any furniture in your room should be made of wood, or even stone.  Wooden stools and benches are a must, especially for a den.  This wooden furniture should be crude looking and darkly stained.
     If you need storage, use baskets or wooden chests.  Or even hang things on a wooden rod and cover them with a heavy dark colored canvas curtain as you may have decided to use for the window or door.
     Although you do not want to make an open fire in the middle of your Ewok hut, there is away to have this effect in your room.  The main element of this fire is the ring of rocks it is on.  What you need is 4 to 8 large rocks about 1 foot long and maybe ½ to ¾ wide and then 8 to 10 smaller rocks.  Place them in a towering in the middle of your floor or wherever you would like this fireplace.  You could use either orange and yellow tissue paper or light silky material cut into flame shapes and then placed on your rocks.  Or you could purchase one of those torch lamps that blow pieces of fabric over a light to make it look like a real flaming torch.  These have recently been sold at Target for around $19.99.  Simply place this where you want your fire (and make sure it is in outlet reach) and then build your ring tower of rocks around its base.  The torches at Target have a white base from what I gathered so you may want to paint over it black or dark brown depending on your preference.
     Some things you will want to do is scatter this and that around the room.  Irregulaly shaped wooden bowls, leather or suede blankets, wooden beams or poles, candles, and other crude type things to really add a lived in feel.  I often see wooden salad bowls at goodwills and thrift shops, they would be perfect.

If you ever make this room or any other star wars inspired room, I would love to see and post a picture of it on my site.

Ewok Village Hut
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