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Wermo (wer moh) n. 1. A stupid person, an idiot. 2. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed. 3. Worm. 4. slang Boy.
Luke Skywalker last went to Tosche station for a comic book on April 13, 2007
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Bespin Luke Skywalker & my mom as Jawa
Darth Maul
My sis & I as Jawas
Queen Amidala costume
Star Wars themed Birthday Party :D
Han in Carbonite Jersey Shore sand sculpture 2006
Wicket Jersey Shore sand sculpture
Yoda snow scultpure
Movie poster I designed
Chewbacca, NY
Jawa, New Orleans ( I think)
Vader helmet, Washington DC
My sweet ride
Christmas 1982, getting ESB goodies as well as a Steve Martin album lol
Getting tickets for Episode 1, May 1999