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Celebration 4  Picture Gallery
Wermo (wer moh) n. 1. A stupid person, an idiot. 2. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed. 3. Worm. 4. slang Boy.
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These pictures were all taken by me at Star Wars Celebration 4 in Los Angeles California, May 23-28, 2007.  I had a great time and can't wait until Celebration 5. 
Jeremy Bulloch and...the name escapes me :x He was in Star Wars though.
My friend Donna and me, day before fan day.
We got Death Star
We got Death Star
John Jackson Miller, writer of Knights of the Old Republic comic book series (go buy it!), was very glad to meet him on train to L.A. where we had a great talk about Star Wars!  This is in Albuquerque, NM.
John Jackson Miller and me at the convention.  Neither of us were ready for the pic apparently, lol.
Temeura Morrison and Daniel Logan at the Mississippi Mandalorians table.
Hanging with my friends the Mississippi Mandalorians.  :)
Me as Darth Talon posing in front of Darth Talon!  :o
Me in costume contest.
Me in talent show with Jay Lagaia and the four judges, Andy Secombe, Dave Filoni, Tim Rose, and Steve Sansweet.  The Huttese poem I recited available on Junkshop page.
Thank ya, thank ya very much Elvistrooper!  <3
But...why is the rum gone?
Aurra Sing, one of best costumes at C4 imo.
Opera Twi'lek, another wonderful costume.
Getting interviewed, lol.
Lance, my Sith bru at officialpix.
My friend Donna as a very cute Princess Leia.
Poor Jar Jar...  :(
No, it looks...realistic, doesnt look fake at all...
Incidentally, Vader's Pepsi commerical didnt go too well either...
A joke you will only get if you lived in the 80s  -_-
Boba Fett, oh la la....
Slave Leia, oh la la....
Too much Starbucks.
Han Solo's Hoth coat in a rich shade of creamy Swiss chocolate and a tint of Amazonian mocha.
Or just basic brown.
Padme gown in Archive.
Padme gown in Archive.
Padme gown in Archive.
Padme gown in Archive.
What is the significance of Anakin choosing a yellow speeder...
These WERE the droids I was looking for.
For some reason I am obsessed with this Mustafaaaaaar droid and must have one!
I must have an R2 unit as well!
Cool Vader helmets.
Diorama cha cha cha.
Diorama cha cha cha.
I forgot to ask him to teach me 6 million forms of communication.  :(
Striped pastel hooded sweater...close enough.  :P
Meesa so crazy, meesa love Jar Jar Binks!  :D
Jabba sure does love those paddy frogs...and so do I.
*Psycho sound effects*
3-D Clone Wars director Dave Filoni giving me autograph and talkin bout Huttese!
Me and C4 roommate Raider Babe in her super cool Mando costume.
The following pictures I DID NOT take.