The Complete Wermo's Guide's
Celebration 3  Picture Gallery
Wermo (wer moh) n. 1. A stupid person, an idiot. 2. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed. 3. Worm. 4. slang Boy.
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Master of puppets....
Hello poppet....
Dead Shmi makes a good coffee table.
Twileks unite!
A lady feeding her kid.
Oh, and some Ghostbusters. 
Well deserving winner of costume contest.
Everyone and their mom got a picture of these two.  :P
Domo arigato Mr. Roboto
A program guide
Jorg Sacul & a Jedi
Asajj Ventress
Size matters....not
Obi-Wan doesn't remember ever owning a droid but he does remember owning a very stylish white garbage can.
It's not easy being green.
Sweet home Dagobama.
Groovy baby yeah!
Stop!  Collaborate  and listen...
Bell sleeves + electronic headgear = leetness.
He was shorter then I expected too.
It's not easy being blue either.
Boushh & Chewbacca!  What a wookiee!
Jocasta Nu.
That's some bad hat Harry.
Poor Jar Jar...
Daniel Logan!
J.W. Wrinzler!
Dioramas, cha cha cha.
Some after hours Jedi action.
One sweet ride.
Opening ceremonies, cast.
Uptight stormtrooper making sure things don't get out of hand....
But they do once the Emperor's troops hit the disco floor!
Fire eater at Star Wars Party  o_O
Exhibit Hall D ie. vendors and free stuff
These pictures were all taken by me at Star Wars Celebration 3 in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 21-24, 2005.  I had a great time and can't wait until Celebration 4 in Los Angeles in 2007.