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The following is a guide to the way I make my fabric lekku.  If you do not know how to work with latex and making molds and such and cannot afford to buy them, fabric is a completely viable and cost effective alternative! 
I was too lazy to take more pictures along the way but you get the idea. :P
Started out with one way stretch cotton knit fabric.  It's not the most ideal or accurate material for it, but time was running out and it did work pretty well.
Next I cut it down the middle to about the length I wanted the tails, leaving space for the bottom to go on my head like a bathing cap.
I then folded over the edges and using a yard stick, made a straight edge line with chalk of where I needed to cut to give me an elongated triangular shape laying flat.
Then I sewed along that edge, and the two edges that were folded over meet in the middle to form a seam in the back of the head that will be altered later.
Turned inside out to prepare for coat hanger wire and filling.
Two metal coat hangers were unfurled with pliers, straightened out and then the ends folded over about and inch, covered with the same vinyl material I used for my costume, secured tightly at ends so that I could stick the vinyl coated end to the bottom then handsew it to the tips so that the wire would not slip out during movement or poke thru at any point.  Next cotton/polyester pillow stuffing was stuffed from tip to head.  It may seem a little lumpy at first but just massage it and smooth it out and it gets better.
The bottom unstuffed cap part was altered through trial and error to come to the right point on my forehead and back of my head, allowing enough excess to fold over, sew, and insert a drawstring which ties in back and can be stuffed under.  Tied tight enough the drawstring placed over forehead, under ear lobes and tied in back with double knot keeps in place securely, too often my first lekku slid back on my forehead and that is a fashion faux pas.  :P
As you can see, because of the use of coat hanger wire, these lekku are bendable!
My first lekku, made for Celebration 3 2005 but featured at Wizard World Philly 2006 here.  These were made of linen, no stretch, basically because I needed flesh color and they had no stretch material in that tone.  These lekku are attached to the headpiece however, and the ear is too low.  :`(. 
Please note lines on ear as Twi'leks have.
The final step is adding ears, which I made out of round pieces of fabric, then folded into a cylinder shape the way chemists use that filter paper, then glued them then stuffed them, then folded edges under and handsewed to sides.  Make sure you have them in the right place before you sew them on!  If you use fabric you can pleat the lines, for more realistic look.  Film Twi'leks such as Aayla Secura have ridges on their ear cones.  Some comic afficiondos prefer that Darth Talon have a smooth earbud, without the ridges that you see the Twi'leks in the films have.  I myself prefer the ridges for the more realistic look.  I advise against using orange juice squeezer cones, doesn't look right to me.  : x
My Darth Talon lekku didnt budge once all while I had them on, but they do hurt under the ears and forehead after many hours.  And you will have a arched red indented line on your forehead for an hour or two.  lol  Also, these lekku are not heavy and allow a good range of movement and move with you naturally.

I think instead of making a new lekku for every color I plan to be, I will just see how a lekku cases will work, like just like these but unstuffed and then placed over the stuffed ones, etc, like a pillowcase!

Something I have yet to try is painting these with liquid latex or whatever its called for more flesh like quality, or using a more fleshy fabric like soft vinyl.

I have finally gotten around to fixing my Darth Talon ears so here is how I fixed them with a pleated look.  Begin with two round pieces of the same fabric you used for the lekku tails.
Fold over and starting in the center, pleat a very thin stitch to the end.
You can see the first finished pleat in this picture, and how thin it is, and how it starts in center and goes to edge.  You will want to make about 15 pleats all together.  They do not all have to start from the very center but to give it an organic look, be sure to vary their length and width from each other.
Here is one finished ear and another about to be sewn.
When you have both ears finished, you will then get a little stuffing and fill them and then pin each ear on to the lekku, making sure you attach them in the right spot so you do not have to cut them off and reaffix them.  They should be sewn about where your real ear is located.  Use a mirror.  :P  Shove the pin's end under and up into the stuffing so that you can try them on before the final step of handsewing around the edges withhout hurting yourself.  When you handsew, be sure to bring the thread through the layer of fabric closest to the lekku head, and not through the domed outer part.  No thread should be visible from the outside.
Lekku and original design headpiece I had the honor of making for an upcoming French fan film.

Their first production:

AImee writes in with these extra tips!
"I did try something a little different from the tutorial, though. I added a tablespoon of rice grains to the end ofeach tail for a bit of extra weight. That and I also used 1" wide elastic around the bottom of the cap, which really holds the lekku on well. These things are awesome, they move with me when I jump around, I can't wait to see how they react when I actually try to fight whilewearing them. There's also the fact that they weigh almost nothing, so no sore neck!"

Another tip from me:
To hide the seam in the fabric where it was sewed, you could use liquid latex.  If you are painting the lekku the color of your skin, the paint will hide the latex, and your will have a set of lekku that is more realistic.

Here are some other sources for Twi'leks and lekkus:

1.  Pam's Twilek Creations
Pam makes really wonderful latex molded lekku.

2.  Frosty's lekku tutorial

3. Twi'lek Celebration Forum
The best resource for all of your Twi'lek costuming needs!

Finished ear.
Also, I made a headpiece which I decided not to wear because Darth Talon does not really wear one.

In the future I will always make lekku and headpiece seperate so I can mix and match!

Hope this guide was a little help and hope to see more Twi'lek costumes cuz...

Twi'leks Rule!
Aimee sent in these wonderful photos of her finished cloth lekku, I think they look wonderful as does she!

If you are interested in commissioning a set of cloth male or female Twi'lek lekku and/or lekku headpiece, please feel free to contact me.  I also make Twi'lek costumes.  Please see pictures below for some of my work.  :)
Please excuse my makeshift dummyheads, I think I need to invest in a mannequin, lol

If you are interested in a commission by me, please scroll to bottom for details and examples of my work!  :)
Male Lekku complete with headbumps and Shado Vao headpiece and Shado Vao reference picture.
Female Lekku and Brown vinyl headpiece.
Female Lekku and Black vinyl headpiece.
Front and back of Darth Talon lekku made of cloth and full costume commission made of real leather.
These lekku were made for my Hutters waitress costume for Dragon*Con 2008.  I am not entirely happy with them but they're not bad.  :P  These were made of white knit material and then painted flesh color with acrylic craft paint that can be found at any craft store or WalMart.
These lekku were made for my Darth Talon costume first worn at Celebration IV 2007.  I was VERY happy with this pair.  I basically made them on the fly, no plans or patterns and they turned out perfect.