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"May the Force be with you."
                                 -Mace Windu
Wermo (wer moh) n. 1. A stupid person, an idiot. 2. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed. 3. Worm. 4. slang Boy.
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Jedi Jargon
                                         Jedi 101:

An Introduction
Nothing reflects the beauty of Star Wars more than the concept of the Jedi.  The universal idea of good versus evil through the balance of the light and dark side of the Force is just one of the things that invoke in all Star Wars fans a sense of awe and wonder.
For the word 'Jedi', George Lucas was inspired by the Japanese Jidai Geki, which refers to a drama set in medieval Japan during the time of the Samurai.  (5)
Joey writes in with a very interesting bit of information about Yoda.: "I was reading the book "MAD About Star Wars" and found a bit of information George Lucas revealed to the producers of MAD regarding Master Yoda's unusual Speech Patterns.  Apparently that is the SW Universe equivalent of Shakespearean English.  Yoda is old enough that he was alive when the Jedi used to speak that way."
A History
The Jedi are beings who are strong in the Force.  Jedi most often refers to those who use the light side of the force, whereas those who use the dark side refer to themselves as Dark Jedi or Sith.  The Jedi Order is almost as old as the Republic itself and over those millennia, many terms have become part of the Jedi lexicon such as midi-chlorian, lightsaber, and Padawan.
More than 9,000 fully trained Jedi are scattered throughout the galaxy, with a further 200 at the Jedi Temple available for emergency missions. (3)

Jedi Dictionary:
Academy of Jedi Archaeology: A division of the ancient Jedi Knights which strove to recover the ancient Jedi teachings and lore, including the Sith knowledge. (11)
Activator: The power switch on a lightsaber. (10)
Adegan crystal: Crystal found on Ilum that are used to construct lightsabers.
Affect mind: "Through the use of the Force control, sense, and alter techniques, a Jedi can alter another person's perception." (1)
Aggressive negotiations: Negotiations with a lightsaber. (7)
Chosen One, the: The being prophesized to bring balance to the Force.  (6)
Dark Side, the: The bad side of the force which invokes in its users hatred and evil.
Djem So Stance: A lightsaber stance in which the arms are raised over head and blade pointed back.  (12)
Force, the: Energy field generated by all living things.
Force lightning: The static energy strong in the force that a Jedi can emit from their fingertips to disable an opponent.  More often used by Dark Jedi.
Force push: The forward movement of the hand to push an opponent or object away through the power of the force.
Force wave: The wave of the hand to use the energy of the force to disable an oponent, most often used to perform mind tricks.
Form II: An ancient technique of lightsaber combat which favors long, elegant moves and incredble deftness of hand.  (3)
Form III: Lightsaber combat which maximizes defensive protection, evolved from high-speed laserblast deflection training, it is now refined as an expression of nonagressive Jedi philosophy. (3)
Form VII: A dangerous regimen of lightsaber combat that cuts perilously close to the Sith focus on physical combat ability.  (3)
Great Holocron, The: The largest and most powerful Holocron in the Jedi Archives.  (3)
Holocron: A device that holds Jedi teachings and other data.
Ilum: The planet on which the crystal is founfd that Jedi use to construct their lightsabers.
Jedi: Guardian of peace and justice in the galaxy who are strong with the Force.
Jedi Council: A twelve memebered body made up of Jedi Masters that oversees the Jedi Order.
Jedi Knight: The status of a Jedi Padawan who has passed the Trials.
Jedi Master: The status of a Jedi Knight who has taken a Padawan learner.
Jedi Order: The group of all thos ebeings who are padawans, knights, or master of the light side of the Force and serve the Republic.
Journey mission: Missions in which Jedi rove through assigned regions, empowered to support justice as they see fit.  (3)
Jung: A lighsaber move in which the Jedi performs a 180 degree turn.  (3)
Kaiburr Crystal: A deep crimson gem described in legend as having Force-enhancing properties.  (8)
Kai-Kan: Dangerous re-enactments of great lightsaber duels studied by Jedi, only attempted by well trained Jedi.  (3)
Lightsaber: The weapon of choice for Jedi.  A handle that emits a laser beam which can cut through most materials except another lightsaber beam.  The lightsaber is traditionally worn  on the left side.
Light Side, the: The good side of the froce which invokes in users calm and peace.
Lost 20, The: The only Jedi to have left the order voluntarily.  (3)
Master:  The title given to A Jedi who instructs an apprentice in the ways of the Force.
Midi-chlorian: Microscopic things that live in all beings. 
Mind trick: The use of the force on a weak-willed opponent to make them think what you want them to think.
Niman stance: A lightsaber stance in whic lightsaber is held cocked back and up high by ear.  (12)
Padawan: An apprentice particularly of the Jedi order.
Pontite: The rarest type of Adegan crystal.  (9)
Prophecy, the: A foretelling of the Chosen One who will bring balance to the Force.  (6)
Sai: A lightsaber combat move in which the Jedi jumps using the force to evade an attack to the legs.  (3)
Sith: The Dark Jedi refer to themselves as this.
Sith Lord: The Dark Jedi's equivalent of a Jedi Master.
Sith Lightning: Force energy conjured by Sith that severely debilitates and weakens any who must suffer it.  Jedi have no equivelant of it and it takes a well trained Jedi to deflect it.  (3)
Trials, the: The contest a Padawan must face and overcome to attain Jedi Kight status.
Vaapad: The newly created Jedi stance in which the user skirts dangerously close to the Dark Side, utilized by Mace Windu.  (12)
Vultar Cataclysm: An ancient conflict between the light and dark sides.  (9)
Watchman: A Jedi Master acting as overseer of a particular star system or segment of the galaxy. through a loose agreement between the Jedis and the Republic. (9)

Jedi Phrases:
                                                                   May the Force be with you.
                                                             Feel, don't think.  Use your instincts.
                                                                   Do or do not, there is no try.
                                                 Always two there are, a master and an apprentice.
                                                                  Always in motion is the future.

                           Alphabet Gallery:
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Possible Sith writing.  This is said to be Hebrew.  (1)
Possible Sith writing.  (1)
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