The Complete Wermo's
"Outmians, tinka me chasa hopoe ma booty na nolia."
Wermo (wer moh) n. 1. A stupid person, an idiot. 2. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed. 3. Worm. 4. slang Boy.
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   Chowbaso to the Complete Wermo's NON-CANON Dictionary section!  Canon means words are strictly from official Lucasfilm sources such as the films, books, and video games.  Non-Canon means that I added my own version of Huttese words to those official words to fill in the gaps.  The English language has over 600,000 words; there are only a little over 300 words in the canon Huttese dictionary on my site as of this update.  I get many requests for more words, and often specific words.  Thus with no official strictly Huttese book from Lucas on the horizon, I felt it was time to fill in the gaps.
     I came up with the non-canon words in several ways.  One way I adapted these words was from the Quechua language which Ben Burtt himself derived Huttese from for Episode IV, for example, the word 'sad' in Quechua is 'lakilla.'  For Huttese I changed it to 'lakeela.'  A second way I developed words for the non-canon dictionary was by simply taking a Basic word and adapting it to the Huttese language, for example the word 'fruit' became 'freeta.'  Another way was using my knowledge of foreign languages and adapting those words, for example, the French word for mouth is 'bouche', 'boca' in Portuguese, transformed into the word 'bocha' in Huttese.
     I feel that I have stayed true to the Huttese form.  There is little use of the vowel 'i' in Huttese or of the letter 'x'.  Also the majority of Huttese words seem to end in a vowel such as a, oo, or u.  Never at any time did I just make up gobbledy gook words, always I research each word and adapt it to the best of my knolwedge of the Huttese language.  I hope my efforts are helpful to those who wish to add to their vocabulary and speak more than a few phrases here and there.
     However, if you prefer
only official Huttese words, then please visit the original Huttese Dictionary

     Some words picked out of phonetically transcribed dialogue from video games, etc. may contain spelling errors.  Please contact me if you have the correct spellings or any corrections in general. 

     Newly added content as of latest update highlighted in
CANON words are in dark brown.
NON-CANON words are in purple.

Huttese-Basic Dictionary

Achuta (ah choo tah) 1. Hello.
Alay (ah lay) adj.  1. Late.
An (ann) conj.1. And.
Andoba (ann doe bah)  1. Another.
Ankwas (ahnk wahss) adj.  1. Blue.
Ap-xmasi (op *kiss*mah zee) v.  1. Do not.
Ateema (ah tee mah) 1. Now. 2. This time.
Azalus (ahz ool uhs) adj.  1. Hazardous.  2. Dangerous.
Baatu baatu (bah too bah too) v.  1. Bother.
Backa (bak ah) adj.  1. Backstage.
Banda (ban dah) n.  1. Music band.
Barathoo (bair rah thoo) adj. n.  1. South.
Bargon (bar gone) n. 1. Bargain.  2. Deal.
Bata (bah tah)  1. Back.
Beesga (beess gah) n.  1.  Last fool.
Binggona (bin gawn ah) adj.  1. Strained.
Bocha (boh chah) n.  1. Mouth.
Boska (bahs kah) ?. 1. Let's go.
Boska (bosh kah)  v. 1. Search.
Bedwana (be dwahn ah) v. 1. To buy.
Blastoh (blass toh) n.  1. Blaster.  2. Weapon. (7)
Bolla (boll ah) v. 1. To go.
Bongo (bahn go) n. 1. Shoulder.
Bootana (boo tan ah) n.  1. Garden(s).
Bota (boh tah) n.  1. Engines.
Bu (boo)  1. The.
Bukee (boo kee) n.  1. Boy.
Bunko (bunk oh) n.  1. Palace. (12)
Bunky dunko (bunk ee dunk oh) n. 1. Home.
Buttmalia (butt mail ee ah) n. 1. A bet.
Chaala (chah lah) n.  1. Leaf.
Champio (champ ee oh) n. 1. Champion.
Charkee (char kee) n.  1. Meat.
Chawa (chaw wah) v. 1. To race.
Chaychay (chay chay)  1. About.
Che (cheh)  1. For.
Che copah (cheh koh pah) n. 1. Price.
Cheeka (chee kah) n.  1. Woman.  (12)
Cheekta (cheek tah)  1. Her.
Cheesa (chee sah) adj.  1. Outside.  (13)
Cheeska (chees kah) v.  1. To cheat.
Cheeta (chee tah) v.  1. To cheat. (7)
Chess ko (chess ko) 1. Take care. 2. Be careful (threat).
Chik youngee (chik yun gee) n. 1. Dancing girl.
Chimpa (chim pah) n.  1. Receipt.
Chinka (chink ah) v.  1. Charge.  (9)
Choba (cho bah) n.  1. Offer.  (13)
Chompa (chom puh) v.  1. To bite.
Chone (chohne) 1. And. (7)
Choppa chawa (chop ah chah wah) n. 1. Pod Races.
Chowbasa (chow bass ah) 1. Welcome.
Chowbaso (chow bass oh)  1. Welcome.
Choy (choy) 1. What as in asking what?
Chuba (choo bah) 1. You.  2. Not.  3. The term is sometimes applied to certain amphibians such as gorgs, which form an important part of the Huttese diet.  4.  Expletive phrase like 'dammit'.
Chut chut (chut chut) 1. Greetings. 2. Excuse me. 3. Never mind.
Con (kon) adj.  1. Poor.  2. Inferior. (7)
Confeeba (kon fee bah) n.  1. Confederacy.  (13)
Coo (koo) ?. 1. Who.
Coo sa (koo sah)  1. Who is.  2. Which is.  (11)
Creeda (kree dah) n.  1. Credit.
Creeta (kree tah) n. 1.Credit card.
Crispo (crees poh) v.  1. Fry.  2. Kill.
Da (dah) adj.  1. That.  (12)
Da Soocha (dah soo chah) n. 1. Waking Planet.  Also Gla Soocha.
Da wanga (dah wahn gah) n.  1. That one. (7)
Dee boonkee (dee book nee) adj.  1. Around.
D'emperiolo (dem peer ee o loh) adj.  1. Imperial.
D'emperiolo teesaw (dem peer ee o loh tee saw) n. 1. Imperial Cruiser.
Do (doe)  1. Your.  2. A.
Dobra (doh brah)  1. I am.
Doe (doh)  1. The.
Doma Toma (doh mah toh mah) n. 1. Space.
Doompa (doom pah) adj.  1. Low-down.
Doopee (oo pee) v.  1. Move.
Dopa-maskey (doh pah mas kee) adj.  1. Two-faced.  (12)
Dopa-meeky (doh pah mee kee) adj.  1. Double-crossing.  (12)
Dowahga (dow wah gah) adj.  1. Dowager.
Droi (droy) n. 1. Droid.
Droida (droy dah) n pl.  1. Droids.
Du (doo) 1. A.  2. From.
Dumpa (dum pah) n.  1. Dump as in waste dump.
Dusta (doos tah) n. 1. Dusters.
Dwana (dwahn ah) v. 1. To sell.
E chu ta (ee choo tah)  1. No definitve translation exists but something akin to 'F&%k you', 'Go f&%k yourself', or 'Go to hell' or 'bugger off' maybe.
Eh (ay) 1. And. 2. slang Yeah.
Emeela (ee mee lah) n.  1. Girl.
Eniki (enn ee kee) ?. 1. Okay.  Also Okey-okey.
Fa (fah) adj.  1. Final.
Faaway (fah way) v. 1. Run.
Fierfek (feer fek) n.  1. The Huttese word for hex or curse, fierfek became a common swear word during the height of the Clone Wars. (14)   2.  Poison adopted by the Clone Army as a battlefield-curse. (15)
Flootah (floo tah) adj.  1. Fresh.
Fofo (foh foh) adj.  1. Double.
Foo (foo)  1. With.
Foonta (foon tah) adj.  1. Satisfactory.  (11)
Footoo (foo too) adj.  1. Fellow.  (13)
Fooyu (foo yoo) n.  1. Cloud.
Freeta (free tah) n.  1. Fruit.
Gardo (gar doh) n.  1. Guards.  (12)
Gee (gee)  1. With.
Gokola (gah kole ah) n. 1. Wine.
Goo (goo) n.  1. Scum.  (11)
Goola (goo lah) adj.  1. Bad. (7)
Goonu (goo noo) n.  1. Food.
Gopptula (gop too lah) n. 1. Ransom.
Grancha (grahn chah) adj.  1. Great.  2. Large.  (12)
Grandio (gran dee oh) adj.  1. Glorious.
Granee (gran ee) adj. 1. Reigning. 2. Grand.
Gran shado (gran shad oh) adj.  1. Faster. (7)
Gusha (gush ah) adj.  1. Lucky.
Haba (hah bah)  1. Maybe.  (13)
Hagwa (hog wah)  1. Donít or Do not.
Haku (hah koo) ?. 1. What.
Halapu (hah lah poo) n.  1. Holonet.
Hasa (hah sah) v.  1. Drop.
Haspee (hass pee) v.  1. To Scratch.
Hataw (hah taw) v.  1. Upgrade.
H'chu apenkee (hah choo ah pen kee) ?. 1. Greetings.
Heeru (heer roo) adj.  1. Over.
Hees (heez)  1. He is.
Hodrudda (hod ruh dah) n. 1. Challenge. 2. Competition. 2. Race.
Holo (hoh loh) n.  1.Movie.  2. Film.
Hoohah (hoo hah) pron. 1. Them.
Hoopa (hoo pah) n.  1. Throat.
Hopa (hoh pah) v.  1. Help.  (3)
Hotsa (hott sah) adj.  1. Hot.  2. Spicy.
Hotshuh (hott shuh) n.  1. Nuisance.  (13)
Howdunga (how doon gah) n. 1. Burp.
Huchaspu (huh chah spoo) adj.  1. Disgusting.
Hunka be (hun kah bee) n. 1. Nap time.
Huttuk (huh tuk) adj.  1. Hutt-size. (7)
Inkabunga (ink ah bun gah) adj. 1. Incredible. 2. Surprising. 3. Amazing.
Jah (jah)  1. The.
Je (juh) 1. Me.
Jeedai (jeed eye) n. 1. Jedi.
Jee (jee) pron. 1. I.
Jee-jee (jee jee) pron. 1. We.
Jeeska (jee skah) v.  1. Keep.
Joka ( yo kuh) n. 1. Joke.
Joppay (jop ay) ?. 1. When.
Jujiminmee (joo jim in mee) v. 1. To kidnap.
Junkie (junk ee) n.  1. Scrapmetal. (9)
Kachay (kah chay) v.  1. Walk.
Kagwa (kah gwah) adj.  1. Latest.  2. Newest.
Kalku ((kale koo) adj.  1. Sour.
Kankee (kahn kee) adj.  1. Kind of as in type of.
Karking (kar king) adj.  1. Expletive like f&%king or god-damned.  (16)
Ka tinka (kah tin kah) v.  1. Consider.  (13)
Kapa (kah pah) n.  1. Hands.
Kava (kah vuh) ?. 1. How.  2. How much.
Kavaa (kah vah)  1. Can I.
Kayfoundo (kay foond oh) adj.  1. Hungry.  (11)
Kejeckta (kee jek tah) n.  1. Ejector seat.
Keeru (kee roo) adj.  1. Under.
Keepuna (kee poo nah) v. 1. Shoot.
Kickee (kik kee)  1. Any.
Kickeeyuna (kik kee yoo nah)  1. Anybody.
Killee (kill ee) v. 1. To kill.
Killya (keel ee yah) v.  1. Kill.
Kimbabaloomba (kim bah bah loom bah) n  1. Vegetarian Cuisine.
Kwee-Kunee (kwee koo nee) n.  1. Queen.
Koga (koh gah) n.  1. Bed. (7)
Konchee (kon chee) ?. 1. Where.
Koochoo (koo choo) n. 1. Idiot.
Koona (koo nah) v.  1. Going.
Koose (koos) v.  1. Bring.
Kung (kung) n.  1. Scum.
Kuteela (kuh tee lah) adj.  1. Always.
Kwelloo (kwell loo) adj.  1. Yellow.
Kwomur (kwoh mur) adj.  1. Green.
Kwosnyee (kwose nyee) adj.  1. Grey.
Kyotopa (ky oh toh pah) v.  1. Visit.
La (lah) n. 1. There.
Lacka (lack ah) v.  1. To eat.
Lakeela (lah keel lah) adj.  1. Sad.
Lapti (lapp tee) adj.  1. Fancy. (8)
Leah (lee ah) adj. 1. Nice.
Lickmoomoo (lik moo moo) n. 1. Dessert.
Loca (loh cah) adj.  1. Crazy.  (12)
Locktulla (lokk tool lah) n.  1. Vault.  (11)
Lorda (lord duh) n. 1. Boss.
Lust (loost) n.  1. Host.
Luto (loot oh) n. 1. Percent.
Ma (mah) ?. 1. My.
Magi (maj i) n.  1. Classic as in competition.
Magoosa (mah goo sah)  1. Myself.  (12)
Makacheesa (mok ah cheess ah) n. 1. Payoff.
Manta (mahn tah) n.  1. Morning.
Maya (my ah) adj.  1 Weak-minded. (7)
Me (mee) pron.  1. I.
Mee (mee) pron.  1. I.
Meendeeya (meen dee yah) 1. Methinks.  2. I think. (7)
Meeshku (meesh koo) adj.  1. Sweet.
Me jewz ku (mee jooz koo) ?. 1. Good-bye.
Miki (mik kee)  1. Every.
Mikiyuna (mik ee yoo nah) n.  1. Everybody.
Mo (moh)  1. Or.
Mo gootu (moh goo too) adj.  1. Better. (7)
Moocha (moo chah) v. 1. To steal.
Moova (moo vah) v.  1. Turn.
Mota (mo tah) n. 1. Engines.
Motal (moh tale) n.  1. Motel.
Moolee-rah (moo lee rah) vp.  1. Paid.
Moulee-rah (mool ee rah) n. 1. Money.
Moulee rah (moolee rah) n.  1. Payment.
Mu-moolee (moo moo lee) n.  1. Payment.
Muraroo (murr ah roo) adj.  1. Purple.
Murishani (mur eh shonn ee) n. 1. Bounty hunter.
Mwa (mwah)  1. My.
My (meye)  1. My.
Myo (my oh)  1. My.
Naga (nah gah) v.  1. Want.
Nagoola (nah goo lah)  1. Not bad.
Nauroo (nore roo) aj.n.  1. North.
Nawee (nah wee) n.  1. Eye.
Naweenchay (nah ween chay) v.  1. To read.
Na yoka (nah yo kah) n. 1. Joke.
Nal Hutta (nail huh tuh) 1. Glorious jewel.
Nebuli (neb yu lee) n.  1. Nebulus.
Nee choo (nee choo) v. 1. To die.
Neechu (neetch oo) adj.  1. Away. (7)
Neeja ( nee jah) adj.  1. Never.
Neenree (neen ree) n.  1. Ear.
Nek (nek) n.  1. Man. (8)
Nenoleeya (nehn oh lee yah) adj.  1. Out.
Newpa (noo pah) adj. 1. New.
Niboba (nih bo bah) n. 1. Contract.
No (noh)  1. No.  2. Not.
Noah (no ah) 1. No.
Nobata (no bah tah)  1. No.
Nopa (no Pah)  1. Not.
Noleeya (noh lee yah) adj.  1. In.
Nudcha (nood chah) n.  1. War.  (13)
Nupee nupee (noo pee noo pee) n.  1. Vice-president.
Nyee (nyee) n.  1. Boy.
Okey-okey (o kee o kee)  1. Okay. Also Eniki.
Ooma (oo mah) n.  1. Head.
Ootmian (oot man) n. 1. Foreigner or oulander. Also outmian.
Oto (oh toh)  1. I want.
Outmian (oot mee an) n. 1. Foreigner or outlander. Also ootmian.
Ovv (awfv) adj. 1. Off.
Pa (pah) n. 1. Place or standing as in competition.
Pachee (pah chee) n. 1. Parts.
Pagona (pah goh nah) n.  1. Tart.
Pankpa (pank pah) n. 1. Spaceship.
Panksta (pank stah) n.  1. Spaceport.  (13)
Panwa (pan wah) v. 1. To enjoy.
Paraploo (pair ah ploo) v.,n.  1. Rain.
Pateesa (pah tee sah) n. 1. Friend.
Patogga (pah toh gah) n. 1. Pie.
Pawa (pah wah) n. 1. Power.
Payokee (pay yo kee) n.  1. Drug.  2. Narcotics.
Peedunkee (pee dunk ee) n. 1.Boy.
Peedunkel (pee dunk ull) n. 1. Boy.
Peedunkey (pee dunk ee) n.  1. Punk.
Peetch (peech) adj.  1. Too.
Peet Droid (peet droyd) n. 1.Pit Droid.
Planeeto (plan ee toh) n. 1. Planet.
Pogwa (pahg wah) n.  1. Program. 2. Computer program.
Poodoo (poo doo) n. 1. fodder.  2. slang. Sh*t.
Poolyee yama (pool yee yah mah) n.  1. Systems consultant.
Poonoo (poo noo) n.  1. Business.  (13)
Porkman (pork man) adj.  1. Big-time.
Porko (poor koh) adj.  1. Big.
Pota (poh tah) n. 1. Podracer vehicle.
Publiko (poob lee koh) n.  1. Republic.  (13)
Puffee (puff ee) adj.  1. Smoking.
Pukaa (poo kah) adj.  1. Red.
Pukaneekee (poo kah nee kee) n.  1. Flower.
Punchee (pun chee) n.  1. Pal.  2. Pallie.  (9)
Punda (pun dah) n. 1. Neck.
Punyoo (poon yoo) n.  1. Weapon.
Pushee (poosh ee) v.  1.Move.  2. (Get) out.
Ree (ree) adj.  1. Real.  2. Very.
Reesnee (rees snee) v.,n.  1. Snow.
Reeta (ree tah) n.  1. Juices.
Rocka rocka (rahk ah rahk ah) n.  1. Brain damage.
Rookie (rook ee) n.  1. Rookie.
Rundee (run dee) v. 1. To activate.
Sa (sah)  1. Is.
Sando (sand oh) n.  1. Sand.
Santay (sahn tay) v.  1. Stand.
Schutta (shoo tah) n.  1. Expletive word like b*itch, slut, or whore.  (16)
Scuzzi (skuz zee) n.  1. Scurrier.
Seenga (seeng gah) v.  1. To sing.
See'ybark (see ee bark) n.  1. Sail Barge.
Settah (sett ah) v.  1. Say.  (13)
Shado (shad oh) adj.  1. Fast.  (7)
Shag (shag) n. 1. Slave.
Shapa-keesay (shay pah kee say) n.  1. Shape-shifter.  (12)
Skocha (sko chah) n.  1. Burnout.  (9)
Slagwa (slag wah) adv.  1. Slowly.
Sleemo (slee moh) n. 1. Slime-ball.
Sleemo poy (slee moh poy) n. 1. Drool.
Smak tellia (smak tell ee ah) n. 1. Snack.
Smeeleeya (smeel ee yah) v.  1. Smile.
Snoota (snoo tah) n.  1. Nose.
Solo (soh loh) adj.  1. Alone.  (12)
Songu (sawng goo) n.  1. Song.
Sookee koopa (sook ee koo pah) n.  1. Suction cups.
Soong (song)  1. It is.  2. It's.
Spastika (spah stee kah) n.  1. Shipments.
Spits (spits) n.  1. Tips.
Steeth (steeth) adj. 1. Sixth.
Stell (stell) n.  1. Style. (13)
Stuka (stoo kah) v.  1. See.  2. Looks like. (9)
Stupa (stoo pah) n. 1. Fool. (7)
Stuta (stoot tah)  1. Look for.  (9)
Stoopa (stoo pah) n.  1. Fool.
Ta (tah)  1. The.
Tagwa (tahg wah) ?. 1. Yes.
Tah (tah)  1. To.  (10)
Tchuta (choo tah) n. 1. Somehwere.
Tee (tee) v.  1. Tie.
Teesaw (tee saw) n.  1. Spaceship.  2. Space Cruiser.
Tee-tocky (tee tok ee) n. 1. Time.
Tenya (tenn yah) n.  1. Antennae.
Theechu (thee choo)  adj.  1. Afraid.
Tinka (tink ah) v.  1. To think. (7)
Tonka (tahn kah) adj.  1. Up.
Tonta (tahn tah) n.  1. Tentacles.
Toogi (too gee)  1. Greetings.
Traskyoo (trask yoo) n.  1. Tractor beam.
Tula moosta (too lah moo stah) n.  1. Front line.  2. Starting line. (7)
Tuta (too tah)  1. From. (7)
Tuukra (too krah) n.  1. Sky.
U (yoo) pron.  1. You.
Uba (oo bah) pron. 1. You.
Ulwan (ull wahn) n. 1. Smuggler.
Um (oom) conj.  1. And.
Un (uhn)  1. A.
Unubunko (oon oh bunk koh) adj.  1. Underground.  (12)
Von (von) n. 1. Crop.
Vopa (voh pah) v.  1. Would like.
Vota (voh tah)  1. Here is. (7)
Waba (wah bah) n.  1. Wish.  (13)
Wabdah (wahb duh) v.  1. Check as in checking in/out of hotel.
Waffmula (woff moo lah) n. 1. Cake.
Wakamancha (wah kah man chah) n.  1. Coward.
Wamma (wahm mah) v. 1. To pay.
Wanga (won guh) n. 1. Gun.  2. One.
Wankee (wan kee) n. 1. Message.
Wanta (wahn tah)  1. Why haven't.
Wata (wah tah) adj. 1. Here. 
Wateela (wah teel lah) n.  1. Water.
Watta (wah tah) v  1. Opened.  (13)
Weelapee (weel ah pee) adj.  1. Orange.
Weeteebah (wee tee bah)  1. Together.  (13)
Wermo (wer mo) n. 1. A stupid person, an idiot. 2. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed. 3. Worm. 4. slang. Boy.
Whao (wow o)  1. When.
Whirlee (wur lee) n.  1. Dancers.
Winkee (win kee) v. 1. To sleep.
Wompa (wahm puh)  1. One.
Wonky (wonk kee) adj.  1. Mighty. (7)
Wontahumpa (won tah hum pah) n.  1. Warranty.
Wooky (woo kee) n.  1. Wookiee.
Ya (yah) adj.  1 There.
Yana (yah nah) adj.  1. Black.
Yafulkee (yah full kee) n. 1. Meal.
Yatuka (yah tuke ah) v. 1. To move.
Yavoo (yah voo) v. 1. Hail.
Yocola (yoh koh lah) n.  1. Meal.
Yuna (yoo nah) n.  1. Body.
Yuna puna (yoo nah poo nah) n.  1. First class.
Yurak ( yur rok) adj.  1. White.

Basic-Huttese Dictionary

A (ay) 1. Du.  2. Un.  3. Do.
About (uh bowt)  1. Chaychay.
Activate (act eh vayte) v. 1. Rundee.
Afraid (uh frayd) adj.  1. Theechu.
Alone (ah lohn) adj.  1. Solo.  (12)
Always (all wayz) adj.  1. Kuteela.
Amazing (ah maiz ing) adj. 1. Inkabunga.
And (and) conj. 1. An.  2. Chone.  3. Um.
Another (ann uth ur)  1. Andoba.
Antennae (an ten ay) n.  1. Tenya.
Any (enn ee)  1. Kickee.
Anybody (enn ee bah dee)  1. Kickeeyuna.
Around (ah round) adj.  1. Dee boonkee.
Away (ah way) adj.  1. Neechu.
Backstage (bak staij) adj.  1. Backa.
Bad (badd) adj.  1. Goola.
Band (band)  n.  1. Banda.
Bargain (bar gun) n. 1. Bargon.
Back (bak)  1. Bata.
Bed (behd) n.  1. Koga.
Bet (bett) n. 1. Buttmalia.
Better (bett ur)  1. Mo gootu. (7)
Big (big) adj. 1. Porko.
Big-time (big tyme) adj.  1. Porkman.
Bitch (bich) n.  1. Schutta.  (16)
Bite (bite) v.  1. Chompa.
Black (blak) adj.  1. Yana.
Blaster (blass tur) n.  1. Blastoh.
Blue (bloo) adj.  1. Ankwas.
Body (bah dee) n.  1. Yuna.
Boss (bawss) n. 1. Lorda.
Bother (bah thur) v.  1. Baatu baatu.
Bounty hunter (bown tee hun tur) n. 1. Murishani.
Boy (boi) n. 1. Peedunkee.  2. Bukee.  3. Nyee.
Brain damage (brayne dam uj) n.  1. Rocka rocka.
Bring (bring) v.  1. Koose.
Burnout (bern owt) n.  1. Skocha.  (9)
Burp (berp) n. 1. Howdunga.
Business (biz ness) n.  1. Poonoo.  (13)
But (butt)  1. Bata.
Buy (bye) v. 1. Bedwana.
Cake (cayk) n. 1. Waffmula.
Can I (kan eye)  1. Kavaa.
Careful (cair fool) 1. Chess ko.
Challenge (chal lenj) n. 1. Hodrudda.
Champion (champ ee un) n. 1. Champio.
Charge (charj) v.  1. Chinka.  (9)
Cheat (cheet) v. 1. Cheeska.  2. Cheeta.
Check (chek) v.  1. Wabdah.
Classic (klass ick) n.  1. Magi.
Cloud (clowd) n.  1. Fooyu.
Competition (comp uh tish un) n. 1. Hodrudda. 2. Magi.
Computer program (komm pyu tur pro gramm) n.  1. Pogwa.
Confederacy (kon fedd ur ah see) n.  1. Confeeba. (13)
Consider (kun sid ur) v.  1. Ka tinka.  (13)
Contract (lon trakt) n. 1. Niboba.
Coward (cow werd) n.  1. Wakamancha.
Crazy (kray zee) adj.  1. Loca.  (12)
Credit (kred it) n.  1. Creeda.
Credit Card (kred it cahrd) n. 1. Creeta.
Crop (krop) n. 1. Von.
Cruiser (croo zer) n.  1. Teesaw.
Curse (kerss) n.  1. Fierfek.  (14)
Dammit (dam it)  1. Chuba.
Dancers (dan surz) n.  1. Whirlee.
Dancing Girl (danss ing gurl) n. 1. Chik youngee.
Dangerous (dain jur us) adj.  1. Azalus.
Deal (deel) n.  1. Bargon.
Dessert (dee zurt) n. 1. Lickmoomoo.
Die (dye) v. 1. Nee choo.
Disgusting (diss gust ing) adj.  1. Huchaspu.
Do not (doo nott)  1. Hagwa.  2. Ap-xmasi.
Don't (doant)  1. Hagwa.
Double (dub bul) adj.  1. Fofo.
Double-crossing (dub bul kraws sing) adju.  1. Dopa-meeky.  (12)
Dowager (dow wah jur) adj.  1. Dowagha.
Drink (drink) n. 1. Yocola.
Droid (droyd) n. 1. Droi.
Droids (droydz) n pl.  1. Droida.
Drool (drool) n. 1. Sleemo poy.
Drop (drahp) v.  1. Hasa.
Drug (drug) n.  1. Payokee.
Dump (dump) n.  1. Dumpa.
Dusters (dus turs) n. 1.Dusta.
Ear (eer) n.  1. Neenree.
Eat (eet) v.  1. Lacka.
Ejector seat (ee jek tur seet) n.  1. Keejeckta.
Engines (en jinz) n. 1. Mota. 2. Bota.
Enjoy (en joy) v. 1. Panwa.
Every (ev ur ree)  1. Miki.
Everybody (ev ur ree bodd ee) n.  1. Mikiyuna.
Excuse me (ecks kyuz mee) 1. Chut chut.
Eye (I) n.  1. Nawee.
Fancy (fann see) adj.  1. Lapti.  (8)
Fast (fast) adj.  1. Shado. (7)
Faster (fas tur) adj.  1. Gran Shado. (7)
Fellow (fell oh) adj.  1. Footoo.  (13)
Film (film) n.  1. Holo.
Final (fy nul) adj.  1. Fa.
First Class (ferst klass) n.  1. Yuna puna.
Flower (flau ur) n.  1. Pukaneekee.
Fodder (fodd ur) n. 1. Poodoo.
Food (food) n.  1. Goonu.
Fool (fool) n. 1. Stupa.  2. Stoopa.  2. Stupa.
For (fore)  1. Che.
Foreigner (far in ur) n. 1. Outmian. 2. Ootman.
Fresh (fresh) adj.  1. Flootah.
Friend (frend) n. 1. Pateesa.
From (frum) 1. Du.  2. Tuta.
Front line (frunt line) n.  1. Tula moosta. (7)
Fruit (froot) n.  1. Freeta.
Fry (fri) v.  1.Crispo.
Garden(s) (gard ennz) n.  1. Bootana.
Get out (gett owt) v.  1. Pushee.
Girl (gurl) n.  1. Emeela.
Glorious (glor ee us) adj.  1. Grandio.
Go (goh) v. 1. Bolla.
Going (go ing) v. 1. Koona.
Good-bye (good by) ?. 1. Mee jewz ku.
Grand (grand) 1. Granee.
Great (grate) adj.  1. Grancha.  (12)
Green (green) adj.  1. Kwomur.
Greetings (gree tingz) ?. 1. H'chu apenkee. 2. Chut chut. 3. Toogi.
Grey (gray) adj.  1. Kwosnyee.
Guards (gards) n.  1. Gardo.  (12)
Gun (gun) n. 1. Wanga.
Hail (hail) v. 1. Yavoo.
Hands (handz) n.  1. Kapa.
Hazardous (haz or duhs) adj.  1. Azalus.
Head ( hedd) n.  1. Ooma.
He is (hee iz)  1. Hees.
Hello (hell loh) 1. Achuta.
Help (help) v.  1. Hopa.  (3)
Her (hur)  1. Cheekta.
Here (heer) 1. Wata. 2.Unko?.
Here is (heer iz)  1. Vota. (7)
Hex (hecks) n.  1. Fierfek.  (14)
Holonet (hoh loh nett) n.  1. Halapu.
Hot (hott) adj.  1. Hotsa.
Home (hohm) n. 1. Bunky dunko.
Host (hoast) n.  1. Lust.
How (how) ?. 1. Kava.
How much (how much)  1. Kava.
Hungry (hunn gree) adj.  1. Kayfoundo.  (11)
Hutt-size (hutt syze) adj.  1. Huttuk.
I (eye) pron. 1. Jee. 2. Me.  3. Mi.  4. Mee.
I am (eye am)  1. Dobrah.
Idiot (id ee ott) n. Koochoo.
Imperial (im peer ee ul) adj.  1. D'emperiolo.
Imperial Cruiser (im peer ee ul krooz ur) n. 1. D'emperiolo teesaw.
In (inn) adj.  1. Noleeya.
Incredible (in kred uh bul) adj. 1. Inkabunga.
Inferior (inn feer ee ur) adj.  1. Con.
Is (i)  1. Sa.
It is (itt iz)  1. Soong.  Also It's.
I want (eye wunt)  1. Oto.
Jedi (Jed eye) n. 1. Jedai.
Joke (jok) n. 1. Na yoka. 2. Joka.
Juices (joo sez) n.  1. Reeta.
Keep (keep) v.  1. Jeeska.
Kidnap (kid nap) v. 1. Jujiminmee.
Kill (kil) v. 1. Killee. 2. Crispo.  3. Killya.
Kind [of] (kind) adj.  1. Kankee.
Large (larg) adj.  1. Grancha.  (12)
Last fool (last fool) n.  1. Beesga.
Late (layte) adj.  1. Alay.
Latest (layte est) adj.  1. Kagwa.
Leaf (leef) n.  1. Chaala.
Let's go (letts goh) ?. 1. Boska.
Look for (luhk for)  1. Stuta.  (9)
Looks like (luhks lyke)  1. Stuka.  (9)
Low-down (loh doun) adj.  1. Doompa.
Lucky (luk ee) adj.  1. Gusha.
Man (man) n.  1. Nek.  (8)
Maybe (may bee)  1. Haba.  (13)
Me (mee)  1. Je.
Meal (meel) n. 1. Yafulkee.
Meat (meet) n.  1. Charkee.
Message (mess ehj) n. 1. Wankee.
Methinks (mee thinks)  1. Meendeeya. (7)
Mighty (mite tee) adj.  1. Wonky.
Money (mun ee) n. 1. Moulee-rah.
Morning (morn ing) n.  1. Manta.
Motel (mh tell) n.  1. Motal.
Mouth (mowth) n.  1. Bocha.
Move (moov) v. 1. Yatuka.  2. Pushee.  3. Doopee.
Movie (moov ee) n.  1. Holo.
My (my)  1. Ma. 2. Mwa. 3. Myo.  4. My.
Myself (my self)  1. Magoosa.  (12)
Naptime (nap tyme) n. 1. Hunka be.
Narcotic (nar kott ik) n.  1. Payokee.
Nebulus (neb yu less) n.  1. Nebuli.
Neck (nek) n. 1. Punda.
Never (nev ur) adj.  1. Neeja.
Never mind (nev ur mind)  1. Chut chut.
New (noo) adj. 1. Newpa.
Newest (noo est) adj.  1. Kagwa.
Nice (nis) adj. 1. Leah.
No (no) 1. Nobata. 2. Noah.  3. No.
North ( north) adj, n.  1. Nauro.
Nose (nohz) n.  1. Snoota.
Not (not)  adj.  1. Chuba.  2. Nopa.  3. Not.
Not bad (not bad) 1. Nagoola.
Now (nou) 1. Ateema.
Nuisance (noo sunce) n.  1. Hotshuh.  (13)
Off (awf) adj. 1. Ovv.
Offer (awf ur) n.  1. Choba.  (13)
Okay (oh kay) ?. 1. Eniki.  2. Okey-okey.
One (won) n.  1. Wanga.  2. Wompa.
Opened (oh pennd) v.  1. Wata.  (13)
Or (or)  1. Mo.
Orange (ar unj) adj.  1. Weelapee.
Out (owt) adj.  1. Nenoleeya.
Outlander (owt lan dur) n. 1. Outmian. 2. Ootmian.
Outside (owt syde)) adj.  1. Cheesa.  (13)
Over (oh vur) adj.  1. Heeru.
Paid (pade) vp.  1. Moolee-rah.
Pal (pale) n.  1 Punchee.  (9)
Palace (pale liss) n.  1. Bunko.  (12)
Parts (pahrtz) n. 1. Parchee.
Pay (pay) v. 1. Wamma.
Payment (pay ment) n.  1. Mu-moolee.  2. Moulee rah.
Payoff (pay awf) n. 1. Makacheesa.
Percent (pur sent) n. 1. Luto.
Pie (py) n. 1. Patogga.
Pit Droid (pit droyd) n. 1. Peet Droid.
Place (playse) adj. 1. Pa.
Planet (plan it) n. 1. Planeeto.
Please No equivalent in Huttese.
Podrace (pod rayss) n. 1. Choppa chawa.
Podracer vehicle (pod ray sur vee hick ul) n.  1. Pota.
Poop (poop) n. 1. Poodoo.
Poor (poor) adj.  1. Con.
Power (pow ur) n. 1. Pawa.
Price (pryce) n. 1. Che copah.
Program (pro gramm) n.  1. Pogwa.
Punk (punk) n. 1. Peedunkey.
Purple (purr pul) adj.  1. Muraroo.
Queen (queen) n.  1. Kwee-Kunee.
Race (raice) n. 1. Hodrudda. v. 1. Chawa.
Rain (rayne) v.,n.  1. Paraploo.
Ransom (ran sum) n. 1. Gopptula.
Read (reed) v.  1. Naweenchay.
Real (reel) adj.  1. Ree.
Receipt (reh seet) n.  1. Chimpa.
Red (redd) adj.  1. Pukaa.
Republic (ree pubb lik) n.  1. Publiko.  (13)
Reigning (rain ing) 1. Granee.
Rookie (rook ee) n.  1. Rookie.
Run (run) v.  1. Faaway.
Sad (sad) adj.  1. Lakeela.
Sail Barge (sayl barj) n.  1. See'ybark.
Sand (sand) n.  1. Sando.
Satisfactory (sat iss fakt or ree) adj.  1. Foonta.  (11)
Say (say) v.  1. Settah.  (13)
Scrapmetal (scrap mett uhl) n.  1. Junkie.  (9)
Scratch (skrach) v.  1. Haspee.
Scum (skum) n.  1. Goo.  (11)  2. Kung.
Scurrier (sker ee er) n.  1. Scuzzi.
Search (serch) v.  1. Boska.
See (see) v.  1. Stuka.  (9)
Sell (sel) v. 1. Dwana.
Shape-shifter (shayp shif tur) n.  1. Shapa-keesay.  (12)
Shipments (ship ments) n.  1. Spastika.
Shoot! (shoot) ?. 1. Keepuna!
Shoulder (shol dur) n. 1. Bongo.
Sing (sing) v.  1. Seenga.
Sixth (sicksth) adj. 1. Steeth.
Sky (skigh) n.  1. Tuukra.
Slave (slaiv) n. 1.Shag.
Sleep (sleep) v. 1. Winkee.
Slime-ball (slyme bahl) n. 1. Slimo.
Slowly (slo lee) adv.  1. Slagwa.
Smile (smy uhl) v.  1. Smeeleeya.
Smoking (smoke ing) adj.  1. Puffee.
Smuggler (smug lur) n. 1. Ulwan.
Snack (snak) n. 1. Smak telia.
Snow (snoh) v.,n.  1. Reesnee.
Somewhere (sum wair) n. 1. Tchuta.
Song (sawng) n.  1. Songu.
Sour (sow ur) adj.  1. Kalku.
South (sowth) adj.n.  1. Barathoo.
Space (spayce) n. 1. Doma toma.
Spaceport (spayss poort) n.  1. Panksta. (13)
Spaceship (spayce ship) n. 1. Pankpa.  2. Teesaw.
Spicy (speye see) adj.  1. Hotsa.
Stand (stand) v.  1. Santay.
Starting line (start ing line) n.  1. Tula moosta. (7)
Steal (steel) v. 1. Moocha.
Strained (straynd) adj.  1. Binggona.
Style (sty ull) n.  1. Stell.  (13)
Suction cups (suck shun kups) n.  1. Sookee koopa.
Surprising (sur priz ing) adj. 1. Inkabunga.
Sweet (sweet) adj.  1. Meesku.
Systems consultant (sis temmz kon sull tent) n.  1. Poolyee yama.
Tart (tart) n.  1. Pagona.
Tentacles (ten tah kullz) n. 1. Tonta.
Thank you No equivalent in Huttese.
That (that) adj.  1. Da.  (12)
That one (that wohn) n. 1. Da wanga.
The (thuh)  1. Ta.  2. Bu.  3. Jah.  4. Doe.
Them (them) pron. 1. Hoohah.
There (thair) n. 1. La.  2. Ya.
Think (think) v.  1. Tinka.
Throat (throte) n.  1. Hoopa.
Tie (ty) v.  1. Tee.
Time (tyme) n. Tee-tocky.
Tips (tips) n.  1. Spits.
To (too)  1. Tah.  (10)
Together (too geth ur)  1. Weeteebah.  (13)
Too (too) adj.  1. Peetch.
Tractor beam (trak tur beem) n.  1. Traskyoo.
Turn (turn) v.  1. Moova.
Two-faced (too faysd) adj.  1. Dopa-maskey.  (12)
Type [of] (tipe) adj.  1. Kankee.
Under (un dur) adj.  1. Keeru.
Underground (un dur grownd) adj.  1. Unubunko.  (12)
Up (up) adj.  1. Tonka.
Upgrade (upp grayde) v.  1. Hataw.
Vault (vawlt) n.  1. Locktulla.  (11)
Vegetarian cuisine (vej ah tair ee en kwi zeen) n.  1. Kimbabaloomba.
Very (vair ree) adj.  1. Ree.
Vice-president (veyes prez ih dent) n.  1. Nupee nupee.
Visit (viz it) v.  1. Kyotopa.
Yeah (yaih) 1. slang Yeah.
You (yu) pron.  1. Chuba.
Waking Planet (waik ing plan et) n. 1. Da Soocha. 2. Gla Soocha.
Walk (wallk) v.  1. Kachay.
Want (wunt) v.  1. Naga.
War (woor) n.  1. Nudcha.  (13)
Warranty (war un tee) n.  1. Wontahumpa.
Water (whut tur) n.  1. Wateela.
We (wee) pron. Jee-jee.
Weak-minded (week mine ded) adj.  1. Maya. (7)
Weapon (weh pun) n.  1. Punyoo.  2. Blastoh.
Welcome (well cum) 1. Chowbasa.  2. Chowbaso.
What (wot) n. 1. Haku. 2.Choy?.
When (wen) ?. 1. Joppay.  2. Whao.
Where (wayr) ?. 1. Konchee.
Which is (wich iz)  1. Coo sa.  (11)
White (whyte) adj.  1. Yurak.
Who (hoo) ?. 1. Coo.
Who is (hoo iz)  1. Coo sa.  (11)
Why haven't (wy hav ent)  1. Wanta.
Wine (wine) n. 1. Gocola.
Wish (wish) n.  1. Waba.  (13)
With (with)  1. Foo.  2. Gee.
Woman (wum an) n.  1. Cheeka.  (12)
Wookiee (woo kee) n.  1. Wooky.
Worm (wurm) n. 1. Wermo.
Would like (wood lyke) v.  1. Vopa.
Yeah (yaa)  1. Eh.
Yellow (yell loh) adj.  1. Kwelloo.
Yes (yess) ?. 1. Tagwa.
You (yu) pron. 1. Uba. 2. Chuba.  3. U.
Your (yor)  1. Do.
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